What do you wish for?

I can remember as a small child making wishes while blowing the dandelion watching the “fairies” blow away in the wind hoping that my wishes would be heard and come true.   Back then my wishes were a lot different than the normal child because I grew up in a difficult household.    (*A whole different blog post.*)

Now, when I see my own children make their wishes in the front yard they are for simple fun things.

Ice cream.

To play in the pool.

Go to the beach again.

Go for a bike ride.

Play with play-doh.

Find the perfect boyfriend.

Meet a girl that likes me.

Get a job and car.

Pass that test.

Enjoy my summer vacation.

Things like that.  It’s wonderful to watch them look for a dandelion, run and plunk it from the ground then blow.  It just makes me smile.  I love them so much that at times it physically hurts my heart.  I hope to make all their wishes come true.  They deserve to have all their wishes come true.

It’s sad that life changes from “I wish for more ice cream” to “I wish for a good night’s sleep”. 

“I wish to stay out late” to “a maid to clean the house”.

I wish that as adults our wishes could be much simpler.  I want to wish for more ice cream, to catch lightening bugs, to play in the pool, to walk in the sand and to go swinging in the park.


Along with becoming adults you have a lot more responsibilities.  You have to work a job that pays the bills, a house to clean, laundry to do, meals to cook and too many other things to type.  Have you ever just wanted to be wreckless?  Just say, “Screw it!!!  I’m going to drop everything and do what I want to do!”?  Have you ever just wanted to be irresponsible for a day???  I day that you didn’t have anyone looking up to you because you always do the right thing and a day to let it all go and have no second thoughts. 

So, make a wish and blow.  Comment below, if you dare, with your wish.


Anonymous said…
I wish I could have an ice cream sundae for dinner.