What do you have in your mouth?

I am asking that all the time!  I think out of habit I will even ask my teenage daughter.  To find out it’s just GUM!  I cannot help it.  It’s wired into a parent’s brain.  I am sure we even shout it out in our sleep as well.

What’s in your mouth?

Things that my kids have tried to eat:
doll shoes

I’ve only had two children stick something up their nose.  I won’t say their names.  I’ll just type them out for you.  H and Lil O.  H tried to stick a bean up her nose!  We were eating green beans for dinner one night.  She told me she couldn’t breathe.  Freaked me out!!!  I am not sure how we got it out but we did!

Lil O was playing with some little dolls one day.  She started sneezing.  She couldn’t stop sneezing in fact.  I asked her if she had stuck anything up her nose.  She had!!!!  Thankfully she sneezed it out.  IT was a doll shoe!  So now when I find LITTLE things in the floor they automatically just go in the trash. 

The same with crayons.  If I find one on the loose it just goes in the trash.  It just makes life a bit easier.  I have no guilt about throwing the little things away and you shouldn’t either.  In fact it’s in the Supermom handbook.  Or at least it will be when I’m finished revising it.

To beat it all, I'm now saying, "What's in your mouth to Sophie the Superdog?"!!  I cannot get a break!


Brina said…
my cousin (5 days younger than me) and i once got into a paper eating competition in kindergarten and look how we turned out - perfectly normal, aye? *ahem* ;)
KimmyD said…
My daughter stuck a bead up her nose. I only realized it when it started bleeding. Yuk!
Supermom said…
Ha ha Brina!!!!! *ahem* Yes, you are perfectly normal!!! :)

Uh oh Kimmy.
Brina said…
much appreciated that you share my opinion - if it wasn't too early, i'd open a cold one to celebrate ;) haha