This is why I don’t do karaoke.

Karaoke isn’t meant for everyone.  Honestly it’s not, even though it may seem like a fabulous idea after 3-4 drinks in a dark bar full of cigarette smoke.   It’s interesting how alcohol can help you lose your inhibitions and make you think you can do anything;  pick up total strangers, dance and then sing to your favorite song from the 80’s. 

I have a group of girlfriends that go every couple of weeks to karaoke and every couple of weeks I get the usual invite to join them for some singing fun to which I instantly reply, “NO!”.  Immediately that one little word slips out and you better be glad that it does.  I am sparing you from my voice. 

I cannot sing, I cannot pretend to sing and I don’t even sing in the shower.   I cannot carry a tune at all and I’m really okay with that revelation.  Really, I am.  I never thought I’d make my living being a pop star because, well, we already have one Madonna so could the world take another Material Girl? 

Then I began to think that not everyone that sings karaoke can sing.  It would be like watching a low budgeted American Idol without the three judges.  Instead you’d have a whole bar of drunken people treating you like the new singing sensation! 

I also began to wonder how many drinks it would take me to actually sing karaoke.  I’m thinking it would have to be a lot.  Like a lot that I couldn’t even drive myself home and then I’d be terribly hung over for a couple of days after my drunken singing.  

I’m thinking I’d really love to sing Like a Virgin or Vogue one night after a few drinks at the karaoke bar.

I think.


RedMelD said…
I clicked over to this page as fast as I could hoping to see a video of you doing Karaoke.