Supermom talks about Epidurals.

You will not want to skip this!  Take notes and even hand them out!  It is that important!

I am not an expert but I have had four kids come from my body.  So that makes me sort of know what I am talking about.  Two have come from my vagina and two were cesareans. 

I am all for DRUGS!  Lots of them!  Just hook that IV up and call in the anesthetist to get me numb.  Hell, you even call him in advance so he knows I will be requiring his assistance. 

When I hear a mom talk about going natural and such I have only one thing to say to her.  Now, don’t start sending me hate mail as soon as you read this. 

“I hate to break it to you but your Mother’s Day present will not be any better than mine.  You will not get a #1 Blue Ribbon from the hospital for going without drugs."

Now you know.

Pass the drugs please so I can lay back and take a nap, just wake me up when it’s time to push.


Heather Nicole said…
Amen to that. I was one of those stubborn moms who wanted to try natural....welll I tried it TWICE. If i ever hav another child I say hook me up to the epidural, let me nap and watch TV, then tell me when to push!
Supermom said…
*huge smile* Epidurals all the way!