My poor baby Sophie.

*sniff sniff*

We returned from our trip to reunite with our faithful amazing best puppy ever Sophie Elizabeth the Yorkie Poo Superdog.  (Baby M gave her a middle name BTW and it's funny how Elizabeth happens to be her middle name too.)   The reunion was wonderful, jumping puppy and lots of kisses.  We missed our baby as much as she had missed us.  We had left a man behind but the doggie kisses when we reunited were totally worth it.

From now on *I* have decided we are going to smuggle Sophie with us on future vacations.  Seriously, how much damage can a four pound ball of fur make? 

So, anyway an hour within returning home Sophie was out using the potty with the babies and my nieces when she got stung by a bee on her front paw.  The kids came running in with her because she wouldn't walk on her paw and was whimpering.  Upon further review, and pulling the stinger out, we realized it was a bee sting.  She looked pitiful because you know it hurt!  I called my friend Monica the dog expert to see how much Benadryl I could give Sophie.  Or Tylenol.  After dosing her up on Benadryl and lots of liver treats to wash it down she was pitiful for hours.

She was crying and whimpering which saddened us all.  We babied her and took care of her all day and afternoon.  (She's sleeping beside me now.)  At one point I put on my baby carrier and carried her around in it.  She was restless and unable to rest or use her paw.  Our poor baby was hurting and all we could do was comfort her and take care of her to the best of our ability. 

It was nice when the Benadryl kicked in and she's been dozing for a few hours except when we've woken her up to take her out to potty.  She's walking on it now, which is a good thing.  I just examined the paw and it is swollen on one of her pads where she was stung. 

Wow, I didn't think I could actually type this long of a post about my dog getting stung by a bee but I did.  I'm going to hush and post some pictures that I just took from my gardens just a few minutes ago.

Black Eyed Susans

I have three types of echinacea.


My very first *blurry* green bean.  YUMMY!


Danielle Franklin said…
its ok to give a dog benadryl, but not a cat. and NEVER give either a tylenol. its not good for them. (learned it in one of my Vet books) and a 4lb ball of fur just might cause a lot of trouble lol with teething. But i dont see why not, it would be good to train her how to behave when she's not at home.
RedMelD said…
So sorry you had to go through this with cute little Sophie. Dixie still isn't quite back to norm from her venomous snake bite Memorial Day weekend.

I have to a mother of children with severe allergies (Keara is anaphylactic to one cycle of dander that dogs have)......please do not take your pet on vacation unless the owners of the location you are staying at know!! I ALWAYS have to get rooms, houses, etc that have not had pets in it due to allergies and have had to swap out rooms before when someone snuck an animal in!!
Monica said…
Thanks for mentioning me in you post Chell. I have been doctoring my poodles for over 30 years now benadral is complety safe you just have to know how much for their weight. Pain meds are not as safe though.

My vet is very good to let me self medicate to keep from having to bring my dog in every time something happens.