I'm so blessed.

Yesterday on Facebook I made this really fun status for my friends to comment on about me.  It was great because at times I wonder if all this blogging stuff really is read by others or do I really talk to myself.  Of course, I can look at my stats and see that people read me but it's nice to hear what others have to say about me.

Here's what I posted:

Quick, tell me one thing that you like about me!!!
(I've deleted last names for their privacy.)

            Dawn ~ your amazing kindness

            Paula  ~ Lovely Posts

            Michelle ~ Your name!
            Jake ~ Your sweet,pretty, smart always Hell it jus isn't possible to only say one!
            Michelle ~ Oh...and your birthday, too! :)

            Jennifer ~ You have a love for coffee! ;-)

            Jessica ~ You always seem so chipper for everything you do!

            Gwen ~ All of the above! And you could be my little sister!!

            Jessica ~ Your supermomness

            Josh N Christian ~ I like that u do the super mon thing.I enjoy reading everything. Never met u but ur pretty awesome and I wish I could do some of the stuff u do. ♥ christian

            Brenda ~that your a SUPER MOM

            Jari ~ yer puppy hahahahah

            Terri ~ You make me feel like I am not alone in my struggles.

            Jocelyn ~ Your positive energy! and your willingness to help out others.

            Lisa ~ Your positive attitude :)

            Dianna ~ You're easy to relate to, "real"- no fluff, it is what it is mommacita!

            Melissa ~ Your looks!!!! LOL....couldn't resist!

            Dianna ~ and you totally made me want to cut off all my hair! lol...

            Teresa ~ your smile
            Danielle ~ your awesome attitude! love it!!

            Danielle ~ yes i wish i could pull off short hair the way you do!! Your long hair was gorgeous when you were younger, but you totally ROCK the short hair look!

            Danielle ~ i'm proud to be related to Supermom!! :D ♥

            Tanya ~ you seem real

It really made me smile seeing all these great responses!  Thank you so much everyone!  I appreciate you more than you know.


RedMelD said…
You're persistence in blogging and the fact that you are making a difference in people's lives is FABULOUS! Your awesome and I'm so glad I got ya for a Sis!
Supermom said…
Awww, thank you so much!!!