Do as I say, not as I do.

And I MEAN IT!!!  Right!!  Haven’t we all said this to our children at one point during their lives??  I say it several times but I do have four kids so I have to make sure that they all hear me.  *shrug*

For example, Friday I drove four very excited teenagers to Greer, South Carolina to the BMW Performance Center so they could be filmed by this amazing director that I know.   I kept thinking I’m such a crappy example.  Do as I say, not as I do.

Illegal things I did while in the presence of four kids that suck up everything around them, good or bad.

1.  Ran a red light with their help.  In my defense the light was broken and we had waited for it to turn for three tries and it never turned green.   So, when it was clear in all directions we made a run for it.  Does that still count?

2.  I made an illegal U-turn.  Yes, there was a sign and I read it.  But I went for it anyway.  I was in a different state in a place that I have never been to before and I was going the wrong direction so I made the illegal turn.  It was clear and 100% safe.  So, does that count???

3.  I answered my cell phone while driving.  It was my grandmother and I knew that she would continue to call if I didn’t answer worried that we had been in a car wreck or something.  So, I answered the phone and told her that I was driving and couldn’t talk.  Does that count???

4.  I had a conversation with my friend Anna on my cell phone.  Okay, I know this was totally illegal.  I was telling Anna all about my illegal happenings of the afternoon for her to just laugh.  So, we hung up and then I drove with both hands on the wheel.

I’m such a bad role model.

I just find it funny to think of all the things we tell our kids not to do but let them see us do it.  Drinking alcohol is a big one because we tell our kids to not drink then we turn a cold one up.  I’m guilty of it but I don’t exactly tell me kids to not drink.  I just tell them I’m an adult and if I choose to enjoy a nice cold beverage then I am old enough to decide that.  They on the other hand are not adults and have to do as they are told.


I bet smoking is a big one too that parents tell their children to never do even though they, the parents, smoke.  Oh, and cussing is one too!  So many things we are doing that we don’t want our kids to do.

How often do find yourself saying “Do as I say, not as I do” to your children.


More times than I can count!
Supermom said…
LOL, I am so glad that I am not alone in this battle.