Blogging on the road again.

This morning I had my alarm clock, Baby M, wake me up at 5:45 am to start my day.  I had a very busy day ahead of me, well, perhaps not busy but more exciting than anything.  I traveled to Greer, South Carolina with four teenagers to go to the BMW Performance Center so the kids can take a safety class and then have fun driving some cars around the track.  They are doing a film for the BMW Performance Center. 

It's really hot down here in South Carolina but there is a lot of the beautiful things around me.  Like these amazing BMW cars!!!!  I'm drooling over them.  Mommy like.  I wonder if I can pretend to be 17 and in need of driving safety classes so I can drive one around the track! 

It wouldn't hurt!

I even think it's totally cool that I'm using their free wifi! ha ha

Anyway, things are going great and I hope to be able to take some pictures of the kids so they have their bragging rights. 

I'm off to look at more of these cars and perhaps talk them into letting Supermom have one or at least test drive one.