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Spending quality time with the babies.

This morning I had this spur of the moment idea to take the kids to the WNC Nature Center to get them out of the house.  I thought it would be something fun and enjoyable that would get them outside and in nature.  I have a lot of fond memories about that area when I was a small girl.  There used to be an amusement park, Rec Park, there and to a little girl it was the most exciting place on earth.  I remember riding the ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper cars, a tough man contest with the hammer,  a tilt a whirl and various other rides that were just the most amazing things on earth to small child.  AND A TRAIN!!!!  The train was a special ride that I took with my Papaw because he LOVED trains!!

Sadly, all of this is gone now but everything I turn onto that road I see it as plain a day just like I remember it as a small child.  I get this excitement rush over me like then when I wanted to ride all the rides!  I was able to find this postcard to give you a glimpse of what I remember about this awesome place.  This is nothing compared to what it was like when I was a child because this picture was taken 40+ years before I was born.  I'm on the hunt for pictures like I remember it though.  And the elephant!  The nature center had an elephant named Henrietta!!  Along with monkeys and lions.  I remember it all! 

Today brought a lot of memories rushing back from the late 70's and early 80's. 

So, anyway here are a few pictures from the WNC Nature Center with my girls.  We had a lovely time and we have some really nice memories from our day.

WNC Nature Center
The cougar.

WNC Nature Center
We really thought this wolf was beautiful.  We watched her for a long time.

WNC Nature Center

WNC Nature Center
Red tailed hawk.

WNC Nature Center
Sliding like an otter.

WNC Nature Center

Wordless Wednesday

This morning at the WNC Nature Center.

Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina

The Supermom family loves the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina!  Not only is it a short drive away but it's the ultimate place for family fun!  Once you arrive at the GWL and check in, everything is at your fingertips!  There’s no need to leave the lodge until you check out to head home.

Your Great Wolf Lodge adventure begins in our massive, 84-degree indoor water park. Splash the day away in over 80,000 square feet of water-packed excitement, including jaw-dropping slides for thrill seekers or zero-depth entry areas for little ones. Outside the water park, the fun continues. Grab a wand and battle a dragon in MagiQuest or get an ice cream-themed manicure in Scooops Kid Spa before gathering your family in our Grand Lobby for nightly fireside Story Time, the perfect ending to a Great Wolf day.

This made our fourth trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and it still exceeds our expectations!  There’s so much for the kids to do and enjoy all in one place!   Here are a few random pictures from our great family fun from this past weekend.

This is me after the bucket of water dropped on me.  That was A LOT of fun!!!!!  

The kids got to enjoy a Magician!  He was funny!

Baby M's favorite ride in the kiddie pool area.

While big sister Lil O loved the slides.

This is THE PLACE to be when you start to hear the bell ring because it's the start of something exciting!


Follow the Great Wolf Lodge on Facebook and Twitter!!   Thank you GWL for the weekend fun!!!!!!  You're the best!

**The GWL gave us a complimentary night and a HUGE discount on the second night.  I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  Check out past Great Wolf Lodge visits by clicking here.**

My poor baby Sophie.

*sniff sniff*

We returned from our trip to reunite with our faithful amazing best puppy ever Sophie Elizabeth the Yorkie Poo Superdog.  (Baby M gave her a middle name BTW and it's funny how Elizabeth happens to be her middle name too.)   The reunion was wonderful, jumping puppy and lots of kisses.  We missed our baby as much as she had missed us.  We had left a man behind but the doggie kisses when we reunited were totally worth it.

From now on *I* have decided we are going to smuggle Sophie with us on future vacations.  Seriously, how much damage can a four pound ball of fur make? 

So, anyway an hour within returning home Sophie was out using the potty with the babies and my nieces when she got stung by a bee on her front paw.  The kids came running in with her because she wouldn't walk on her paw and was whimpering.  Upon further review, and pulling the stinger out, we realized it was a bee sting.  She looked pitiful because you know it hurt!  I called my friend Monica the dog expert to see how much Benadryl I could give Sophie.  Or Tylenol.  After dosing her up on Benadryl and lots of liver treats to wash it down she was pitiful for hours.

She was crying and whimpering which saddened us all.  We babied her and took care of her all day and afternoon.  (She's sleeping beside me now.)  At one point I put on my baby carrier and carried her around in it.  She was restless and unable to rest or use her paw.  Our poor baby was hurting and all we could do was comfort her and take care of her to the best of our ability. 

It was nice when the Benadryl kicked in and she's been dozing for a few hours except when we've woken her up to take her out to potty.  She's walking on it now, which is a good thing.  I just examined the paw and it is swollen on one of her pads where she was stung. 

Wow, I didn't think I could actually type this long of a post about my dog getting stung by a bee but I did.  I'm going to hush and post some pictures that I just took from my gardens just a few minutes ago.

Black Eyed Susans

I have three types of echinacea.


My very first *blurry* green bean.  YUMMY!

Before and After

Before:  Smile or I won't let you slide.

After:  Perfect, thank you.


After:  Supermom all wet.  FUN!

I'm so sleepy.

I'm just going rest for a minute.

Sound asleep.

The dining room chair is just like my bed....

The Domestic Ninjaneer talks about "real" worth.

Using the tools from Mom Salary Wizard, I decided to figure out my "real" worth to our family. I've been getting some pretty brutal smack from the Family... 

The typical Stay at Home Mom in Meridian, ID (83642) would earn the pay shown below for her work as a mother. And to be fair... I only claimed ONE child under the age of 5 and TWO children over the age of 5. It would make for a much better show had I added the TWO boys that I'll have in a couple of weeks.

Now granted, these "things" don't always work for me since I do more of certain things than the "average" SAHM and much less of certain things than the "average" SAHM. Luckily for me... the Mom Salary Wizard allows me to customize!!!

Supermom talks about Epidurals.

You will not want to skip this!  Take notes and even hand them out!  It is that important!

I am not an expert but I have had four kids come from my body.  So that makes me sort of know what I am talking about.  Two have come from my vagina and two were cesareans. 

I am all for DRUGS!  Lots of them!  Just hook that IV up and call in the anesthetist to get me numb.  Hell, you even call him in advance so he knows I will be requiring his assistance. 

When I hear a mom talk about going natural and such I have only one thing to say to her.  Now, don’t start sending me hate mail as soon as you read this. 

“I hate to break it to you but your Mother’s Day present will not be any better than mine.  You will not get a #1 Blue Ribbon from the hospital for going without drugs."

Now you know.

Pass the drugs please so I can lay back and take a nap, just wake me up when it’s time to push.

Wordless Wednesday

Sophie is SPOILED!!!!   She loves the carrier.

A letter to my kids.

H, B, Lil O and Baby M,

No matter what I will always be there for you and I will love you unconditionally until the end of time.  You are the best things to ever happen to me. 

Never stop being who you are!!!  If you did then I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.


What do you have in your mouth?

I am asking that all the time!  I think out of habit I will even ask my teenage daughter.  To find out it’s just GUM!  I cannot help it.  It’s wired into a parent’s brain.  I am sure we even shout it out in our sleep as well.

What’s in your mouth?

Things that my kids have tried to eat:
doll shoes

I’ve only had two children stick something up their nose.  I won’t say their names.  I’ll just type them out for you.  H and Lil O.  H tried to stick a bean up her nose!  We were eating green beans for dinner one night.  She told me she couldn’t breathe.  Freaked me out!!!  I am not sure how we got it out but we did!

Lil O was playing with some little dolls one day.  She started sneezing.  She couldn’t stop sneezing in fact.  I asked her if she had stuck anything up her nose.  She had!!!!  Thankfully she sneezed it out.  IT was a doll shoe!  So now when I find LITTLE things in the floor they automatically just go in the trash. 

The same with crayons.  If I find one on the loose it just goes in the trash.  It just makes life a bit easier.  I have no guilt about throwing the little things away and you shouldn’t either.  In fact it’s in the Supermom handbook.  Or at least it will be when I’m finished revising it.

To beat it all, I'm now saying, "What's in your mouth to Sophie the Superdog?"!!  I cannot get a break!

I spent the day with my Superdad and my Daddy.

Yesterday was Father's Day and it was a very relaxing awesome day!  I was able to spend the day with my fabulous husband and my daddy.  We went to a cookout at my dads and of course he grilled the best hamburgers you will ever eat.  I had 1 1/2 just to prove a point!  We sat around and talking and laughing.  It was a good day indeed.

The kids are counting down the days until we head to the Great Wolf Lodge.  The days can be counted on one hand now which means I should already be packed.  No laughing.  I'm usually packed a week ahead of time because I am packing for six people but this time I've not completed my list.  It's funny, last night the kids asked if we were going to take Sophie with us on our short trip.  I answered, "No, they don't allow kids."  We all got a good giggle for sure.  *shaking head*  My lil sis will be house sitting and Sophie sitting for our trip.  She took the weekend off and will be hanging out at my house so Sophie is around her things.  In all honesty I bet my sis is glad to have a mini vacation too while being at my house.  ha ha

NO WILD PAR-TAYS AT MY HOUSE!  Unless I'm invited, of course.

What short trips do you have planned for this summer?  I think I will go pack.  ha ha

Roles of Dads in this thing called Parenthood

With Father’s Day just a couple of days away I wanted to write about dads and how important their role is in this thing called parenthood.    I think it all starts at the birth of their bundle of joy, unsure of what to do with the tiny wiggly creature that they just saw their wife give birth to.    Then their instincts kick in and they know that they will do anything to take care of and protect this tiny baby because they already love the tiny wiggly baby unconditionally.

Many dads work a full time job to support their family because they want to be the bread winner and make sure their family is taken care of.  Working a full time job means that sometimes they miss some of the milestones, not because they want to miss them but because working is a difficult job and they cannot always set the hours of their work week.

Dads may not be able to come to all your school functions but, trust me, you are always in their thoughts and they brag about you constantly.   Dads will try to make all your soccer games and ballet recitals because that’s what dads do.  They mow the lawn and know how to grill the best burger you’ve ever eaten.  Dads can scare away the monster under the bed and dads can beat anyone up, or at least tell you that they can.

In a child’s eyes a dad is the hero and will save the day even if that means they have to leap giant mountains.  

I didn’t always have my daddy around because my parents were divorced but I knew that if I ever needed him that he’d be there in an instant and he was.  Even though I am 37 years old I know that my dad would walk through fire for me.  I’ve seen my daddy cry at my wedding and at the births of my children.  He will always be my daddy and I know that he loves me unconditionally.  I know he may have missed some of those things while I was growing up but I have always known that my daddy loves me. 

I will always be his little girl. 

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy and all the Dads out there!

me dad
*Pregnant with Lil O*

I cannot do it. I cannot feel it.

I've been sitting here with my Ipod on listening to an assortment of songs writing, then deleting then writing some more.  Ultimately everything I've tried to write today has been deleted. 

I'm just not feeling it.

I better hurry up and hit publish before I delete this.

I just took a walk around my yard.




Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper






Wild Strawberry

One of my flower pots.  My favorite picture of the day.