What's up with old people and trees?

I say old in the nicest of ways BTW, if there is a nice way to say old people.  *shaking head*

Seriously, I just want to know what's up with old people and trees or the lack of them around their home, like within a mile radius.

My Papaw loved trees and planted trees around their house.  I even helped him plant and take care of the trees and thought he was super swell my Papaw.  When my Papaw died those were the first to go by my Mamaw.  She said her reason being that if a storm came through she was afraid they would fall on the house.  Trees that were STABLE in the ground would suddenly begin to fall on her house.  Trees that had been there since they were a sapling and now they were suddenly a danger.

*shaking head*

I've noticed this to be a trend with old (er) people.  Why the sudden fear of trees falling on the house?  Even trees that wouldn't even touch the house if they did fall are being taken down.  *snicker*  Perhaps the tree would jump a few yards just so it could fall on the house.  I don't know.

I just thought of this again yesterday while driving to get hormonal teenager from school when I saw this house with a kill zone around it.  IE:  No trees within a 1/2 mile radius around the house.

Please, someone fill me in!  I can just imagine going to Google Earth and pointing out houses that old (er) people live in because of the bareness around the houses!  ha ha  Sorry, that was mean but I bet so true!  Agree?