Tiger Mom, I am not.

It's been all over the news lately about Tiger Moms and how they parent.  Or is it their parenting techniques that get these moms called Tiger Moms?  Anyway, doesn't matter.

I'm in no way a Tiger Mom.  I let my kids slack, play video games, hang with their friends and such.  Except when it comes to their grades.  Also, I don't make them take piano or violin lessons unless they want to.  Yes, you can argue with music lessons and making then do it but not in this post. 

My kids are A B students, B2 is in advanced classes and H is in honor classes so I know their plate is pretty full when it comes to academics.  Going to college isn't something they "might do" it's something that they "will do" right after they graduate high school.

When H got her cell phone it came with a contract that we agreed upon.  If her grades slipped beyond the A B status then she would lose her phone until that grade was brought back up.  It happened many weeks ago in Pre-Cal Honors.  She made a C.  Yes, I know it's a hard class and a C is average BUT it's not where we want her grades to be.  Yes, we are proud of her and tell her on a daily basis.  But a deal is a deal so she lost her phone.  She wasn't happy with us because she was doing her best and the class is very hard but so is life.

So, she worked hard.

Last week I get a note from her teacher that H's grade is back up to a B!  We knew she could do it she just needed the motivation to get it done.  Losing her lifeline to the teen world did the trick.  There were no distractions.  No texting......

Maybe there's something to this Tiger Mom parenting after all.....