Those that play "sick" have a very boring day.

I had a certain little girl get "sick" this morning while we are in line at school to drop her off.  Okay, okay, she did feel warm and look pale and complained of her tummy hurting.  Tummy hurting is the ONE thing that we cannot really know for sure and kids love to use that line!  Instead of dropping her off at school having a semi-stress free day, we head home so I can set her up on the couch and give her Tylenol.  Just like a good Mommy.

As the day continues along it is obvious that the mentioned little girl isn't sick at all.  The little girl is jumping off the couch and playing wild with her sister.

Girls that play "sick" don't get to play on the computer.  Girls that play "sick" miss going outside on a beautiful sunny day.  Girls that play "sick" do not get to do any fun stuff!  Instead, they get to "rest" on the couch and are encouraged to take a nap.

It's tough being a "sick" little girl.


Monica said…
We got to find some kind of juice that taste really bad. So everytime she pulls a fake sick you can give her the medicine. You can always say it's herbal if she figures out it's just juice.

Daddy always got caster oil when faking and sent to bed no TV no fun only sleep. So he would go to school sick to keep from taking the medicine.
RedMelD said…
Our daughter has IBS. So, she can legitimately have stomach aches that later on feel better. She also started using it as an excuse. So, Dad and I told her that when her tummy hurts, she can only lie down and rest in a dark room.It took a few weeks, but now she only tells me when it really is an issue and no longer lies about it to get out of doing something she doesn't want! ;-)