I'm no Supermom

The other day I received a text from my best friend, who recently became a new mom last year, and the text read, “Do you ever feel like a failure as a mom?”

My response to her question was as honest as honest could be, “Every single day.”

Then she texted back, “But you’re Supermom.”

So, I began to think about what being a Supermom means and do I really deserve the title.    I’m not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive and I cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound.  The only super power I have is being able to tune out my crying kids unless of course it is a blood curdling cry from really being hurt.  In fact I tell my kids to leave me alone unless there’s blood squirting out of some part of their body.  I say this from experience since I do have four children that run around this house acting like crazy people.

Just because I have four children doesn’t mean that life in our house is chaotic really.  After three children you don’t even notice anything after that.  You still cook dinner, wash clothes and make everyone listen to you.  HA HA!  That one was funny.  My kids never listen to me.  My favorite saying in the house is, “Listen to me with your ears.”  Like, how else are they going to listen to me?

Trust me, I’m not perfect.  I raise my voice.  I get aggravated.  I get mad.  All because I just want to be heard.

Stop bickering!  Stop hitting your sister!  No, you cannot have candy!  Hold my hand!  Stop messing with the dog!  Stop RUNNING in the house!  Stop jumping off the couch!  Stop jumping on the bed!  No, you’re not watching anymore Dora!  I don’t care how much you cry and scream the answer will still be “NO”.

There are days that my kids make me feel like a failure.  What more could I be doing to make them happy?  Why does he always seem to be in a mood?  Why does she hate me?  Why won’t she listen to me?  Do my kids hate me?  Are they trying to push me over the edge?

Know what I mean?

I admit that I keep a clean house, I wash their clothes, I change the sheets, I take them to school and I pick them up from school, I take them *cringe* shopping, I give them advice and I love them unconditionally.   Like every loving mom.  That’s what we do.

We take care of our kids, our husband and our home.  So, if that makes me a Supermom then I gladly accept the title.


Danielle Franklin said…
of course you are Supermom! No one deserves the title better than you! To put up with all that and manage to stay sane, that takes some serious skills lol. You could NEVER be a failure as a mom. That's just plain impossible :) heck i might end up coming to you for advice whenever i have my own kids lol. Keep your head up, your kids have turned out to be beautiful individuals with minds of thier own.
Anonymous said…
That post made me tear up a bit cuz well, I've had those very same thoughts! Okay, so what I'm going through is something we are probably all going through as moms, whew, I feel a little better. You're not alone Michelle! ;)
Karla said…
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Heather said…
All of us have a little bit of Supermom in us! You included.

I'm stopping by from Taming Tuesday to follow along :)