Day Three of No Coffee

Day three of no hot coffee with sugar and cream.  After this last kidney stone I decided to give up my beloved coffee to see if that helps my kidney stones.  I've wanted to cut back on my coffee for awhile and now just seems perfect because I have been medicated for my awful pain so I'm not having any rebound headaches from not having my coffee.

I'm pretty excited about this big change in my life.  I live off coffee so this change will be good for me. 

I'm surprised that I haven't been craving coffee but then again I am medicated because of the kidney stone so I only crave sleep at this point.

Have any of you given up coffee?  How did you do it?  Do you miss it?


RedMelD said…
Hmmmm....this twin thing gets really weird at times. I cut out soda this weekend. My head is SPLITTING and I'm pretty sure the lack of caffeine has something to do with it. Be thankful for the meds so you can't feel the withdrawl!! ;-)
Supermom said…