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Day Three of No Coffee

Day three of no hot coffee with sugar and cream.  After this last kidney stone I decided to give up my beloved coffee to see if that helps my kidney stones.  I've wanted to cut back on my coffee for awhile and now just seems perfect because I have been medicated for my awful pain so I'm not having any rebound headaches from not having my coffee.

I'm pretty excited about this big change in my life.  I live off coffee so this change will be good for me. 

I'm surprised that I haven't been craving coffee but then again I am medicated because of the kidney stone so I only crave sleep at this point.

Have any of you given up coffee?  How did you do it?  Do you miss it?

A birthday, kidney stone and an anniversary.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 37 years old yesterday. Superdad made my birthday really nice since I was dealing with a kidney stone. Yes, you read that correctly about the kidney stone. It reared its ugly head about 8:30 Saturday night. Fun. huh? NOT! What do you do though? You suck up and take your meds and let it pass is what you do.

And eat lots of ice cream cake. Heath ice cream cake in fact. IT IS DELICIOUS! I just had another piece. I told you Superdad took great care of me on my special day.

Today, May 30, was our wedding anniversary.

Seven years ago I married the most amazing man that adores me and my children and now our children. It was the most beautiful day that we spent with our family and friends. It was a fairy tale wedding and everything was just perfect. I love you Superdad.

Today was really special for us! Even dealing with a pesky kidney stone I was able to enjoy my day with Superdad. I have to show you what he gave me for my anniversary. I love Alex and Ani bracelets ever since we were given three on our Vaseline tour. So, Superdad gave me seven Alex and Ani bracelets to celebrate our seven years of marriage! Can we say, "Awwwww" all together?

I love them!!!  I thought it was adorable that he picked a 7 piece set.  I would have never thought of that myself.

That's why he is Superdad after all.

Here I am with my laptop finally open catching up on emails and blog work thinking about heading to bed.  It's been a wonderful couple of days even with the kidney stone.  I passed it today so I hope the soreness will go away in a day or two. 

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Anniversary to my Superdad. 

Girls just want to have fun!

Last night I went out with the girls.  Alone.  No husband.  No kids.  And it was dark outside!!!!  And it was my IDEA in the first place.  I'm expanding my comfort zone and it's amazing.  I know that my kids and Superdad are perfectly okay without me being home for a few hours and even days at a time when I traveled with Vaseline. 

But me making plans and sticking to them to get out of the house for a few hours is hard for me.  Thankfully I have very understanding and caring friends that understand this about me.  *smile*

Last night we met at this awesome restaurant for drinks and yummy food.  We laughed, talked, laughed, talked and laughed a lot more. 

Sometimes you need a recharge with your girlfriends to make you whole again.  Having those drinks and amazing food recharged me emotionally.  I wasn't having to me a mom or a wife, I could just be me, Michelle.  I enjoyed my meal while it was still hot.  I didn't have to cut anyone's food but mine.  I didn't have to keep a constant eye on the kids, help them eat and make sure they didn't bother other people in the restaurant by being loud. 

I enjoyed two caramel martinis, an appetizer, an amazing burger and carrot cake for dessert (with coffee) all in one setting.  It was A M A Z I N G ! ! !

It was just what I needed.

To do:
Make more time to go out with my girlfriends.

Kids do say the darnedest things.

At least we were at home for these two:

I was on the bed nursing the baby when Olivia comes in to ask me if I had her paci.

I told her I did not have it.

She SAID, "DAMMIT!!"!!

I calmly yelled for her daddy to come there. When he gets in the room she asks him if he has her paci. I start to hide my face with a pillow because I know what is coming next.

He told her he didn't have her paci.

She SAID, "DAMMIT!!"!!

He looks at me as I am hiding my face trying not to laugh out loud.


Supermom ~ It’s raining outside.

Olivia ~ Dammit!  We’ll have to get the umbrella!


I had a cold and was coughing. Olivia was trying to tell me something.

I had to tell her, "Wait a sec. I cannot hear you because I am coughing."

Olivia ~ "Hold your mouth shut and you'll stop."

~coughing~ "I cannot stop coughing."

Olivia ~ "Hold your mouth tighter, like this."

She seals her lips together tighter than the seal on my refrigerator!

It didn't work.


Supermom~ "Where did my tomatoes go? They were here the other day. They were off my tomato plant?"

Olivia~ "I didn't squish them?"

Supermom ~ Insert weird look here.

Olivia~ "They aren't in my Dora purse."

As she runs to get it. "They aren't in here."

Supermom gets purse, opens it and finds 3 squished tomatoes.


Supermom ~ Why is your doll stroller broken? It's all bent.

I get in the floor to work on it.

Olivia ~ I don't know.

Then here's the punch line!!!! Drum roll please.

Olivia ~ I didn't SIT in it.

~shaking head~


Olivia was talking NON stop on the way to the grocery store while I was TRYING to jam out to a song on the radio.

She was totally messing with my mojo.

I turned around and went,


Olivia ~ "Why did you go


"Because you won't stop TALKING."

She then continued to talk all the way to the grocery store, while shopping at the grocery store and during the drive all the way back home!


Kids are so cool.  I must have another.

Olivia ~ You are a nice mommy.

Supermom ~ Thank you. I try. You are a nice four year old.

Olivia ~ I try.


The next Simon Cowell?

Superdad was singing in the dining room.

Olivia ~ Stop singing.

Superdad ~ Why don't you want me to sing?

Olivia ~ Because you're not a good singer.

If I had been on top of things I would have said,

"It's a little pitchy dog."


We were having lunch the other day and this is what went down:

Supermom ~ Olivia needs a bath.

Olivia ~ I want you to give me a bath.

(She was looking at Superdad to tell him.)

Superdad ~ Who do you like to give you a bath?

Olivia ~ You. (Said again to Superdad.)

Superdad ~ Do you like how I wash your hair and don't get water in your eyes?

Olivia ~ Yes.

Supermom ~ Well, GOOD!!! One less thing I have to worry about!!!

Olivia: ~ I still love you mommy.


Once I called Olivia by her big sisters name.

She said, "You got the wrong child." From now I will just call her Three.


~actual conversation with Olivia~

Olivia ~ Where's my blankie?

Supermom ~ On your Tinkerbell bed.

Olivia ~ Oh.

She gets down to get the blankie then crawls back in bed with me.

Olivia ~I have a Mermaid bed not Tinkerbell.

Supermom ~ Oh, I get them confused.

Olivia ~laughing~ You are so silly Mommy.

I am only here to amuse my 3 year old some days. :)


Things Olivia has said to me.

“That sounds like a plan".

"You are not my best friend anymore.”

"You are mean.”

"You are bossy mommy.”


~Actual event~

Olivia ~Pinched Mommy.

Supermom ~ Pinched Olivia. I DIDN’T PINCH HER HARD!

Olivia ~ Cried, “Mommy pinched me.”

~ Then pinched Mommy again.

Supermom ~ Pinched Olivia. I DIDN’T PINCH HER HARD!

Olivia ~ Cried, “Mommy pinched me.”

~ Then pinched Mommy again.

Supermom ~ Pinched Olivia. I still DIDN’T PINCH HER HARD!

Olivia ~ Crying. “Okay, I not do that again.”

Then we kissed and made up.


~The other night Olivia got in trouble. I think she kicked me. She said, “I’m sorry mommy”. A few minutes later she did something else to get in trouble. She said, “I’m sorry mommy again”.

LOL Being 2+ is so hard.


I am sure Ben meant this as a compliment.

A few days after bringing the baby home

Ben tells me.

"You've lost some fat!!!" With a big look of amazement!!!!!!!!!


We said, "If mommy ain't happy then no one's happy."

To which Olivia said, "If mommy ain't happy then I am happy."


On a funny note, Ben would spend time with mamaw while I was working.

She was changing clothes one day and Ben started to ask questions about her only having one boob.  He was amazed at the fake one she used on the other side. Mamaw went on to explain to him that her boob got sick and the doctor had to remove it. He was pretty content with that answer.

Then he said, "Well, your other one is falling down!

Things you think about while getting a wax.

~ SUCK UP!!!  You've had four children!  You can do this!

~ SUCK UP!!!  You've had two vaginal births!  You can do this!

~ SUCK UP!!! You've had two cesareans!  You can do this!

~ SUCK UP!!! You've been dealing with kidney stones for 17 years!  You can do this!

Or at least this is what I was chanting in my head.

Just pure torture I tell you. I speak the truth.

I was trying to decide if I was going to blog about this or just keep it to myself, Superdad and my friend Anna.  Ha ha!  I had to tell someone who could enjoy the laugh with me.

It totally sucks that it's bathing suit season already and I have to suck my gut in and pretend to be a size 7 so I feel good wearing a bathing suit but now I also have to worry about my girly hair.  AKA the bush.   I'm a huge fan of the Save the Bush campaign but I may have changed my mind. 

I get so tired of shaving my bikini line only to break out and start to itch when the hair grows back.  How is that attractive while wearing a nice bathing suit that makes you like a size 7?  So I thought I would give waxing a try.  Sure, I knew it had to hurt because ripping hair from your body is bound to hurt.  Right?

Yes, IT HURT LIKE HELL!!!  Torture for women.  "There are ways to make you talk."  Said with my best accent.  Before you ask, no, I didn't take it all off because I want to look like I've been through puberty!!!

I cannot believe how badly it hurt and I was so glad when it was over I could have danced a jig!  There is a good thing about it all, the pain goes away quick and upkeep is a breeze.

Or so I've been told.

Hello. Bonjour. Aloha. Hola.

I thought I would sit down and post a useless blog about nothing in particular.

It's getting hot in Asheville which bothers me because it's only May and we live in a house that doesn't have central air.  I get rather tired of wringing out my bra several times during the day when it's like this.  Since we have water heat with radiators in all the rooms there is no duct work to run air conditioning so we rely on this noisy portable air conditioner in the living room to make it bearable. 

Lil O is graduating Kindergarten tomorrow.  Our baby has finished her first year in school.  I'm so happy for her and I know that she is looking forward to school being out so she can play and then play some more.  I admit that I'm glad she will be home with me because I've missed her.  Shh, don't tell her that though. 

H & B have until June then they are cut lose from school as well.


Then it's time to start thinking about VACATIONS!!!!!  That's what I'm talkin' bout!

Sorry, my mind went instantly to the beach and ocean and I let it stay there for a bit building a sand castle while drinking an ice cold beer.

What are your plans for summer??  Want to exchange postcards???

I'm no Supermom

The other day I received a text from my best friend, who recently became a new mom last year, and the text read, “Do you ever feel like a failure as a mom?”

My response to her question was as honest as honest could be, “Every single day.”

Then she texted back, “But you’re Supermom.”

So, I began to think about what being a Supermom means and do I really deserve the title.    I’m not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive and I cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound.  The only super power I have is being able to tune out my crying kids unless of course it is a blood curdling cry from really being hurt.  In fact I tell my kids to leave me alone unless there’s blood squirting out of some part of their body.  I say this from experience since I do have four children that run around this house acting like crazy people.

Just because I have four children doesn’t mean that life in our house is chaotic really.  After three children you don’t even notice anything after that.  You still cook dinner, wash clothes and make everyone listen to you.  HA HA!  That one was funny.  My kids never listen to me.  My favorite saying in the house is, “Listen to me with your ears.”  Like, how else are they going to listen to me?

Trust me, I’m not perfect.  I raise my voice.  I get aggravated.  I get mad.  All because I just want to be heard.

Stop bickering!  Stop hitting your sister!  No, you cannot have candy!  Hold my hand!  Stop messing with the dog!  Stop RUNNING in the house!  Stop jumping off the couch!  Stop jumping on the bed!  No, you’re not watching anymore Dora!  I don’t care how much you cry and scream the answer will still be “NO”.

There are days that my kids make me feel like a failure.  What more could I be doing to make them happy?  Why does he always seem to be in a mood?  Why does she hate me?  Why won’t she listen to me?  Do my kids hate me?  Are they trying to push me over the edge?

Know what I mean?

I admit that I keep a clean house, I wash their clothes, I change the sheets, I take them to school and I pick them up from school, I take them *cringe* shopping, I give them advice and I love them unconditionally.   Like every loving mom.  That’s what we do.

We take care of our kids, our husband and our home.  So, if that makes me a Supermom then I gladly accept the title.

Life After a Hysterectomy

I still cannot believe that it was three short months ago that I spent one night in the hospital after having my uterus removed.  You know, uterus as in part of the body that grows, nurtures and keeps a baby safe from the outside world.

When I first learned that my uterus wasn’t a happy uterus and having a hysterectomy was one of my options, I cried.  Losing my uterus would mean no more children for me and I wasn’t ready to face that point in my life.   The option of being able to have more children was going to be gone.  No more three years down the road and then decide to have another baby.

I wasn’t going to be able to get pregnant ever again.  I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed a baby ever again.  It was depressing.  I still wanted to try to get pregnant and have a fifth child but my husband wasn’t agreeable to my idea.  I knew that I had to do what was best for my health and having a hysterectomy was just that, the best thing for me.   It was a very hard decision for me to make since I was just 36 years old and had a lot of baby making years ahead of me.

But I did it.  I had a hysterectomy.

So, here we are, three months after my surgery.   I get sad from time to time when I see my children get older; three of the four have celebrated a birthday since my hysterectomy.  The sadness passes pretty quickly but it’s still there.  I don’t think I regret having the surgery; I just miss not having the option of more children.

Not having a uterus means I don’t have to worry with a period anymore.  Not that it matters since I have THREE daughters to raise with one already having her monthly visitor.    Doesn’t seem fair does it?   I admit that it is super swell that I don’t have to worry about tampons or pads though!  I can go on vacation without counting the days to see if I have to worry about a period.  I can wear light colored pants as much as I want!  Not that I would with small kids because they just use me as a human napkin anyway.

Another perk of not having a uterus is I don’t have to worry about birth control.  Yes, I’m going there.  I don’t have to worry about a period or about getting pregnant.  I can have sex anywhere at any time if I so desire.  It is liberating.    Before you ask, sex hasn’t changed since I don’t have a uterus.  In fact it may be better because there are no worries.  Trust me, I asked my doctor before the surgery about sex and orgasms after a hysterectomy because those are a “must have” for me.    Know what I mean?

I’m here to share with you that life after a hysterectomy has been pretty good.  I don’t feel any different.  I’m still that crazy woman that has four kids and now a puppy.  Yes, we got a puppy.  I was feeling a motherly tug and had to get something to fill it with.  So, I guess you can say I did get my fifth child.  She just has more hair than my human kids and I don’t have to worry about putting her through college and paying for her wedding.

Yes, life after a hysterectomy is good.

Wordless Wednesday

Something to make your heart melt, or cry like a baby like I did. A hand written note from my Mamaw that she gave me on Mother's Day.

"You are my precious daughter and I love you so much. Happy Mothers Day. Love you. Mom xxoo" 

I think I'm going to frame it!

Those that play "sick" have a very boring day.

I had a certain little girl get "sick" this morning while we are in line at school to drop her off.  Okay, okay, she did feel warm and look pale and complained of her tummy hurting.  Tummy hurting is the ONE thing that we cannot really know for sure and kids love to use that line!  Instead of dropping her off at school having a semi-stress free day, we head home so I can set her up on the couch and give her Tylenol.  Just like a good Mommy.

As the day continues along it is obvious that the mentioned little girl isn't sick at all.  The little girl is jumping off the couch and playing wild with her sister.

Girls that play "sick" don't get to play on the computer.  Girls that play "sick" miss going outside on a beautiful sunny day.  Girls that play "sick" do not get to do any fun stuff!  Instead, they get to "rest" on the couch and are encouraged to take a nap.

It's tough being a "sick" little girl.

Tiger Mom, I am not.

It's been all over the news lately about Tiger Moms and how they parent.  Or is it their parenting techniques that get these moms called Tiger Moms?  Anyway, doesn't matter.

I'm in no way a Tiger Mom.  I let my kids slack, play video games, hang with their friends and such.  Except when it comes to their grades.  Also, I don't make them take piano or violin lessons unless they want to.  Yes, you can argue with music lessons and making then do it but not in this post. 

My kids are A B students, B2 is in advanced classes and H is in honor classes so I know their plate is pretty full when it comes to academics.  Going to college isn't something they "might do" it's something that they "will do" right after they graduate high school.

When H got her cell phone it came with a contract that we agreed upon.  If her grades slipped beyond the A B status then she would lose her phone until that grade was brought back up.  It happened many weeks ago in Pre-Cal Honors.  She made a C.  Yes, I know it's a hard class and a C is average BUT it's not where we want her grades to be.  Yes, we are proud of her and tell her on a daily basis.  But a deal is a deal so she lost her phone.  She wasn't happy with us because she was doing her best and the class is very hard but so is life.

So, she worked hard.

Last week I get a note from her teacher that H's grade is back up to a B!  We knew she could do it she just needed the motivation to get it done.  Losing her lifeline to the teen world did the trick.  There were no distractions.  No texting......

Maybe there's something to this Tiger Mom parenting after all.....


Happy Mother's Day

(I wrote this years ago and post it every Mothers Day.)

What Mother’s Day means to all women, young and old. Before you dismiss or put this special day in line think about what it means.

This is a day for all Mothers to be celebrated for the life we have brought into this world. (After all without us you wouldn’t have your little bundle of joys.) For all the noses we have wiped and said it will be all right. For all the times we have bathed our children and tucked them in at night. For reading that story just one more time. For feeding and wiping off the walls 100 times because food has been thrown. For never wearing clean or ironed clothes ever again. For all the advice we have given and the advice not yet shared.

Being a Mother isn’t always easy. Once the ‘Oh my GOD!! I’m pregnant!!’ wears off; reality begins. We carry a baby for 9 long months. We gain 50+ pounds and feel like crap. We are nauseous and throw up. We don’t sleep. It’s hard for us to get around. Our slender figure a distant memory. Our doctors poke on us all the times and we feel like a pin cushion.

Then to our delight our labors are long or we have major surgery. Yes, we are thrilled to finally have our baby. The alien taken from our body. Then we have weeks ahead of us to recuperate. We have a period for 6-8 weeks. We have fluid dripping from some part of our body the whole time.

The only clothes we can wear are the ones we wore while pregnant. We go through our closet hoping to find that one piece of clothing we can squeeze into. And even though the little alien is out of our body we cannot help from feeling that we are from another world. As the weeks pass. And life is calming down. We still have a baby attached to our boobs and stinky diapers to change. With 30 extra pounds we finally just went and bought some ‘big’ clothes just to say we aren’t wearing those damn maternity clothes anymore. NO MORE ELASTIC BANDS AROUND OUR WAIST!!

Then we have the rest of our lives to take care of these little people. We clothe them. Feed them. Play with them. Take them to school. Help with homework. Send them to their room. And we most of all, LOVE them unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

One day we may even hold them to cry. One day we walk them down the aisle. Watch our grandchildren be born. One day we celebrate them being a Mother on Mother’s Day. (Father on Fathers Day) So, to all the Mothers out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! May this day bring you all the happiness you deserve being the great woman you are.

After all we are Mothers. (And perhaps feel like we aren’t appreciated at times. We take care of our children not because it’s a job. We do it because we love them and want to take care of them.) So before you put our special day in order of it’s importance make sure you really know what it means to all Mothers, young and old. Anyway wouldn’t you rather celebrate a day you gave life than a day you turn one year older?

Things I've learned since we got a puppy.

~ I have the cleanest throw rugs in town!  Why do the accidents always happen on a rug????

~ When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Hence the above statement.

~ We are outside more.  It is nice to see nature but I know that Superdad would rather not at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 4am, 5am and 6am though.  Again, when you gotta go, you gotta go. 

~ Puppies are like a children, meaning that you have to keep a constant eye on them, feed them, give them a bath and keep them out of trouble.  (or they will pee on your rug)

~ It's okay to just hold your puppy and watch them sleep.  For hours...

~ Puppies smell so good after a bath even if they do look like a big rat when wet.

What's up with old people and trees?

I say old in the nicest of ways BTW, if there is a nice way to say old people.  *shaking head*

Seriously, I just want to know what's up with old people and trees or the lack of them around their home, like within a mile radius.

My Papaw loved trees and planted trees around their house.  I even helped him plant and take care of the trees and thought he was super swell my Papaw.  When my Papaw died those were the first to go by my Mamaw.  She said her reason being that if a storm came through she was afraid they would fall on the house.  Trees that were STABLE in the ground would suddenly begin to fall on her house.  Trees that had been there since they were a sapling and now they were suddenly a danger.

*shaking head*

I've noticed this to be a trend with old (er) people.  Why the sudden fear of trees falling on the house?  Even trees that wouldn't even touch the house if they did fall are being taken down.  *snicker*  Perhaps the tree would jump a few yards just so it could fall on the house.  I don't know.

I just thought of this again yesterday while driving to get hormonal teenager from school when I saw this house with a kill zone around it.  IE:  No trees within a 1/2 mile radius around the house.

Please, someone fill me in!  I can just imagine going to Google Earth and pointing out houses that old (er) people live in because of the bareness around the houses!  ha ha  Sorry, that was mean but I bet so true!  Agree?

Four months ago...

While visiting NYC over New Years I was able to see Ground Zero.  It was a very emotional moment and I couldn't control the tears that welled up in my eyes.  The devastation came flooding back just like 9-11 had happened the day before.

I can remember sending Superdad a text to tell him I was there and how emotional I felt about being there.  It was surreal.

Everyone knows where they were and what they were doing on that day almost ten years ago. 

I do.

I can still see all the black smoke and people running helplessly around. 

So when the news came on Sunday night about the death of Osama Bin Laden I was instantly taken back to NYC and seeing ground zero.  America is going through a very emotional time right now.  People that lost loved ones are celebrating his death and yet still mourning over their lost loved ones.  

I hope that this helps heal everyone that lost their loved ones on 9-11 over time.  Perhaps with some closure.

I also want to thank all the men and women that are serving to protect us each and every day.   Thank you.