What's that saying?

"God doesn't give you more than you can handle."

Well, please can you give me a break just for a few days?  That's all I ask.

Yesterday was awful!!!!!  REALLY AWFUL!!!!! 

We'd all been out enjoying the beautiful day with the kids and Sophie.  We came in to have lunch so I was in the kitchen working on it.  I heard my teenage daughter say something but I couldn't understand it.  I thought that was odd because she is always talking and doesn't pass up any opportunity to talk so I started walking back through the house to see what she had said. 

I found her collapsed on her bed not responsive, her eyes were rolling back into her head and she was moving her arms really strange.  I ran down the hall screaming, "Call 911 Call 911!"  It was awful.  She couldn't answer me.  I thought she was having some sort of seizure.  I was panicked as we waited for the paramedics to get to our house. 

In the mean time she was coming to and sort of unsure of the whole situation.  *about this time we heard the sirens coming up our road*  She said she was feeling okay.  Apparently she started getting dizzy walking down the hallway heading to the bathroom, ended up "passing out" in the bathroom floor.  Woke up and was making her way to the bedroom.  Then I found her "passed out" on her bed.

They checked her blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure and everything was normal.  I told them about the same thing happening at Target two and a half years ago.  They seem to think it was a vertigo/fluid in her ears type thing.  They said they could take her to the ER but since she episode was over they'd have nothing to go on and they'd put her through a lot of tests that she's already had when she "passed out" at Target.

We opted for her to stay home and call her pediatrician.  But, she was due to leave for New Jersey the next morning so her daddy took her to the Urgent Care for them to look at her ears.  They didn't find any infection in her ears and there was only fluid in one of her ears.  They said that if it happens again in the next month or two then to take her to her regular doctor and perhaps be referred to a cardiologist. 

That's all we got.  She is feeling much better today and on her way to New Jersey for spring break. 

I did whisper to her yesterday, "This will be the last time there are eight men in your bedroom."


OMG Scary!

Hopefully it's nothing... I used to pass out when I was a teen, and it was literally nothing LOL!

And I hope you catch a real break soon!
diannaray said…
I can so closely relate to the kind of panic that must have induced, that I can't read this without my eyes considering tears, lol. I've been there- my oldest had breathing problems when she was younger- she turned blue on my a couple of times at least and it terrified me beyond words- saying to her in the car on the way to the emergency room " just breath for mommy, please, baby" it was a nightmare of the first order- I am so glad it's okay now- and I hope it's one of those things that passes into memory and becomes an enigma but not a repeat one.
Kelly said…
Oh, how scary!

I hope that it is nothing to worry about. Sending healing thoughts anyway!
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone. She goes in May for an EEG to see if they are seizures.

I'm not going to worry about it until we have some answers.