Seven hours and two minutes in hospital hell.

The other day we had to take Lil O to the emergency room at our local hospital because her fever had tapped out at 104.5 degrees.  She had been feeling yucky since Saturday and it only worsened with time.  The fever scared me because you could see and feel her heart beating out of her chest and since it was about 7 pm her doctor's office had closed, so we had no choice but go to the ER.

Let me just say that whatever system the hospital uses to accommodate everyone isn't working and they need another plan of action.  I will refrain from using all the foul words that were spoken and thought in our heads from the whole experience since this is a "family friendly" blog but just know that they were spoken and thought about a lot.

Once we got there at 7:20 pm we signed in and she was given a bracelet then they took her vitals and told us to take a seat to wait.  And we did, wait that is.  They tease you by calling you again to speak to another nurse who asks about whats going on and why you are there.  At this time Lil O was given a dose on Motrin to help with her fever.  Then we waited some more...

Then HOURS later we were called back thinking "YAY" but sadly it was another teaser.  They were checking to see if our information was correct and to see if we had insurance.  You know they must make sure they get paid. 

We waited close to four hours in the waiting area with our sick six year old daughter before we were even taken into a room to see a doc.  It was after 11pm because the TV in the waiting room was showing the news. 

Upon entering the room we told our story to yet another nurse then a doctor's PA came in to talk to us.  His holiness, the doctor, never graced us with his appearance the whole seven hours and two minutes we were there with our sick daughter.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the PA but she wasn't a doctor that I had hoped to see. 

They decided to do a rapid test for strep and a UTI.  Here's the interesting part.  They lost her urine and didn't think to tell us until two and a half HOURS later.  TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER.  By this time Lil O's fever was coming back and she felt really bad and was looking sick with her face red. 

We were just left there helpless and no one was telling us any information or really being sympathetic to the whole situation.

So, I had to get Lil O to give us another urine sample so someone could WALK it to the lab.  The results were given to us before an hour was up!  Seriously!!!   Why couldn't this have been done when they realized her urine was MIA in their tube system?? 

We were in the emergency room for seven hours and two minutes with our sick six year old only to be told it must be viral and they would call us if the cultures grew something.  There's no excuse for this, really.

We pulled into our garage after 2 am with our sick baby. 



Mrs Furious said…
When I took Baby in last spring we waited 5 hours before being seen. It's just wrong. We have had a lot of ER experience and it is the only hospital that has ever had a waiting experience like that (and we went there 3 times... so... I feel comfortable saying that's how it's run). Even in NYC, where there were many times more people waiting, I never had to wait for 5 hours to be seen. It's nuts.

I'm sorry O is so sick. Hopefully it will break soon!
Brina said…
geez - i can't (+ don't want to) imagine what *that* must've been like, both for you and for her :(

is she doing better now?
Brina said…
ps: see, i'm still commenting even after you *slammed* one of my fav books! ;)
Supermom said…
Mrs F !! ! ! ! ! ! ! How the hell are ya???? I miss you in Asheville!!!!! I'm a lurker of your blog these days! The family looks great!

Lil O is feeling much better today because she's tormenting Baby M!!! On another note, that hospital SUCKS!

Brina ~ It was awful! She's feeling better today thankfully! If she doesn't have a fever tonight then I might send her to school tomorrow.

*hanging head* Sorry about that. Want my copy? *giggle*
Danielle Franklin said…
That is seriously messed up! I would be talking to someone about the poor service. Had it been my daughter i would have raised cane. It's no excuse for a hospital to let children suffer. And how on earth to you lose a urine sample? Incompetence I say!! (yes i am refraining from swearing cuz Lil O is my cousin and i dont like it when my family is mistreated in any way!) I hope the little doll feels better soon! Give her a hug for me!!