Just The Facts

Do you still remember who I am?  I'm just curious since I haven't really blogged in a bit.  Life is busy and finding the time to actually sit down and blog about life just hasn't been a priority.  Of course you are special to me and I love that you take time to read my blog everyday but with fours kids and now a puppy I'm a bit stretched to the max with what I am able to do every day.

So, instead of making time to blog I've been taking Sophie out to potty and play.  I've watched the babies dig in the dirt, ride their bikes, swing, jump on the trampoline, roll in the grass and play in the water.  I've been cleaning up our garden space.  I've also planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, cilantro and sweet basil.  I've planted a beautiful assortment of flowers.

I've listened to B2 moan and groan because I made him clean the grill.  I've let H have a boy over to "hang".  *insert eyeroll here*  I've let B2 go to a sleepover.  I've celebrated B2 turning 13.  I've listened to B2's friend play a wonderful piece of music on the keyboard in B2's room making me long to play the piano again.  Let me rephrase that again, "It's made me long to finish those piano lessons that I started and ultimately quit long ago".  Much better. 

I've been enjoying a lot more time outside watching the kids play.

I've not been reading. I've not been cooking really. I have been cleaning the house though. I've been working on reviews but I have not been blogging.

I had the best Easter ever! We spent it at my Mamaw's. It was just perfect. A meal fit for a King and company better than I could have ever hoped for.

Supermom and the four Superkids

Three generations, my Mamaw, me and two of my girls.

I've been playing a game with Superdad.   We just sit at the dining room table and play while we ignore the bickering kids and such.  Superdad has beaten me more times than I've won but that is okay because we love the game and we are enjoying each others company.

I've cut Baby M's hair and Lil O had her never before hair cut and it's beautiful!  She loves it and wants to keep it the new length instead of having hair down her butt. 

So, as you can see life has been keeping me very busy in a good way.  I've been enjoying my kids and my life more than I usually do.  I've gotten so many things to be thankful for and trust me, I show gratitude all the time.  You should to.