It's official.

I have two teenagers in the house.  I cannot believe that I can say that out loud.  I guess admitting it is the first step to recovery of knowing that I have two teenagers in the house.

B2 turned 13 on Tuesday and I still cannot believe it.  My baby boy is a teenager.  Pretty soon he will be in college because time feels like it's flying by that fast.

See, now I'm in shock and don't know what else to type. 

I've been feeling out of sorts lately anyway.  I guess the puppy is messing with my mojo and I haven't gotten the kinks out yet.  If you know me then you know I have some anxiety/OCD issues and the Superdog is messing with them a bit.  She's absolutely the best pooch ever and I love her with all my heart but loving her has me out of my comfort zone and turned my schedule upside down.  I now have extra responsibilities.  Feeding, walking and cleaning up after something else in the house.

Know what I mean?

Superdog is such an amazing pup and  it will be okay because I know we will be in our groove in no time. 

Right now she is snuggled up to me asleep moving her mouth and tongue like she's nursing.  Awww, it's adorable.  She loves me unconditionally and just wants to be where I am.  Just like Baby M who is sitting on my other side playing a game with her head on my shoulder.  It's nice to be wanted and loved so much by my baby and by my pup.

Life is good.


Momo-Mama said…
We are SOOOOOO ridiculously on the same page. Honestly, I could have written your post. I actually almost wrote virtually the same thing today- teens and pups and anxiety...I get you sister!
Supermom said…
LOL!!! At least we have each other to talk to then!

Michelle :)