Good bye Spring Break

I've enjoyed the past week of Spring Break a lot. I've not had to worry with school lunches, setting out clothes, taking kids to school, getting kids from school and a lot of other things that have to be done for school.

Then again I welcome school starting back up because that means Lil O and Baby M will not be able to bicker bicker all day with each other. Yeah, there is that. Sounds lovely and quiet.

I've been enjoying the weekend I suppose. I'm still coughing and not feeling well. I'm over being sick and having sick kids. OVER IT! *shrug*

Yesterday we celebrated Baby M's birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I worked really hard on making a small cake and some cake pops for the event. The cake pops were a hit with everyone. You can see how I made them by going HERE. I don't think I will ever make them again unless I can find an easier way. It's an all day thing because you have to chill them between steps and such. I'd just rather make a cake or cupcakes and just ice them.

Cake pops and small cake.

Making a wish.

Cake pops anyone?

Everyone had a fun time!!

Sophie is doing well. She is spoiled rotten by everyone in the house. She has us wrapped around her little paw!

This is me trying to nap today on the couch. 

She is such a good puppy.

Okay, must go do something productive and get kids to bed for school tomorrow.  *skip skip*