Dealing with migraines.

It's something that I've had to deal with the past several years.  I've tried a different assortment of drugs including giving myself a shot.  *shrug*

I was relieved that after my hysterectomy I was headache free for a few weeks.  Looking back I'm sure it was because I was on pain meds from having the surgery. 

Then they came back...

with a vengeance.  Not fun at all.

I've had more headache days than headache free days.  It can be very crippling.  I keep our house dark by not opening blinds.  If I have to venture out I'm wearing super dark sunglasses because any light at all isn't my friend.

Yesterday, I went to see my favorite family doc of all time.  He's super smart and makes me laugh.  We talked and talked and then talked some more.  He started me on a beta blocker, two times a day, to ward off headaches then he changed my migraine meds if I do get one while taking the beta blocker.  The only thing I may not like is the "tiredness" that the beta blocker may bring.

Only time will tell if this works because it's a trial by error type thing with getting the right dosage of beta blocker.  I will up my dosage on Wednesday if I still don't feel an improvement.

I go back in three weeks and I hope to have good news with my migraines.

Do you deal with them?  How do you cope?


Anonymous said…
Right now I am doing the same thing beta blockers which were upped to 2x's a day with Imitrex /naproxen as a back up if the beta blockers do not kick it out....they are the most crippling headaches they stop you in your tracks!!!
Mine started after the birth of my first baby 18 years ago and the only relief I got was when I was first on the beta blockers in 2008 it was wonderful....but they have come back now that the change of life has begun...dark rooms sleep cold compress to the does not do much and then for a few days after I feel as if I were hit by a truck...GL Michelle you and I are "suffering" this one together so to speak :/
Debbie (rcsdss)
Anonymous said…
I took the beta blockers, the imitrex, the wigraine, and nothing worked for me until I found my biggest trigger. What is it? It's a $0.75 fix. Iodized salt. That's it, iodized salt. If you eat any red meat, you do not need iodized salt. They started iodizing salt in the great depression when people just couldn't afford meat and were developing goiter. Excessive iodine can cause migraines.
Another trigger is bright sunlight/glare so I'm never without my trusty sunglasses. If I lose them, leave them at a restaurant, etc... I go right then and buy another pair.
My last trigger is loud noises such as a rock concert, action movie, and loud construction sites. I hope you find relief. I share about the iodized salt because not many people have heard about the link between excessive iodine and migraines. It's a cheap try and if it doesn't help you, you're only out less than a dollar. Just buy the plain salt.

Good luck!

Danielle Franklin said…
i always keep a bottle of extra strength excedrin headache pills in my purse. i get headaches quite often. they always work for me and kick in in 15 min
Supermom said…
Thanks Debbie.

Sharon, thanks for the comment. I only use sea salt. Hmmm. I will keep this in mind though.

Danielle I don't use that because it's known to give awful rebound headaches. My doc discussed that with me long ago. He said it was good if I was on vacation and forgot my meds but not to take it on a regular basis because it will cause rebound headaches.
Melissa said…
I get migraines so bad that I end up throwing up and can't open my eyes! My Doc put me on propam daily to prevent the migraines, and then Frova to take when I feel one coming on. If after an hour I still have it, take another frova. THe Propam has helped immensely, and when I do get a migraine I take the Frova and it does help it go away faster. I went from having 2-3 migraines a week to 2-3 a month. Anemia also contributes to migraines, and since I am anemic I also take Iron twice a day.
Jodym said…
I did massage therapy twice a month which helps prevent the really bad migraines.