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Unplugging and kicking the kids outside for summer.

With summer vacation just around the corner many parents are wondering what in the world they are going to do with their kids since school will be out.  I know this because I'm wondering the same thing.  I want to keep all four of them occupied without them being plugged to some sort of electronic gadget all day.  Sure sure, it makes our life a bit easier to let them watch TV all day, play XBox all day or Facebook from their IPod all day but it's not healthy.

We as parents need to encourage our kids to unplug and head outside.  Go ride their bike, play basketball or even read a book in the shade of a tree in the backyard. 

Here are some of the things that I will be doing on a weekly basis once school's out.

Public Pool.  My goal is to take them kids two times a week so that they can mingle with their peers from school.

Public Library.  Once a week visit to check out some books, movies or audio CD's to encourage them to use their imagination.

Free Events.  Check the local paper for free days at certain venues like museums, build it shops and the movies.

Days of Rest.  There's nothing wrong with staying at home being lazy.  I highly recommend it myself.  Everyone needs to unwind and you don't have to entertain the kids every single day that school's out for summer break. 

I know that it won't be as easy as it appears because the kids will have their own idea of things to do.  Just so the bickering is at a minimum then anything can be arranged. 

What will you do to keep the kids entertained this summer while schools out?

Wordless Wednesday

Just The Facts

Do you still remember who I am?  I'm just curious since I haven't really blogged in a bit.  Life is busy and finding the time to actually sit down and blog about life just hasn't been a priority.  Of course you are special to me and I love that you take time to read my blog everyday but with fours kids and now a puppy I'm a bit stretched to the max with what I am able to do every day.

So, instead of making time to blog I've been taking Sophie out to potty and play.  I've watched the babies dig in the dirt, ride their bikes, swing, jump on the trampoline, roll in the grass and play in the water.  I've been cleaning up our garden space.  I've also planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, cilantro and sweet basil.  I've planted a beautiful assortment of flowers.

I've listened to B2 moan and groan because I made him clean the grill.  I've let H have a boy over to "hang".  *insert eyeroll here*  I've let B2 go to a sleepover.  I've celebrated B2 turning 13.  I've listened to B2's friend play a wonderful piece of music on the keyboard in B2's room making me long to play the piano again.  Let me rephrase that again, "It's made me long to finish those piano lessons that I started and ultimately quit long ago".  Much better. 

I've been enjoying a lot more time outside watching the kids play.

I've not been reading. I've not been cooking really. I have been cleaning the house though. I've been working on reviews but I have not been blogging.

I had the best Easter ever! We spent it at my Mamaw's. It was just perfect. A meal fit for a King and company better than I could have ever hoped for.

Supermom and the four Superkids

Three generations, my Mamaw, me and two of my girls.

I've been playing a game with Superdad.   We just sit at the dining room table and play while we ignore the bickering kids and such.  Superdad has beaten me more times than I've won but that is okay because we love the game and we are enjoying each others company.

I've cut Baby M's hair and Lil O had her never before hair cut and it's beautiful!  She loves it and wants to keep it the new length instead of having hair down her butt. 

So, as you can see life has been keeping me very busy in a good way.  I've been enjoying my kids and my life more than I usually do.  I've gotten so many things to be thankful for and trust me, I show gratitude all the time.  You should to.

It's official.

I have two teenagers in the house.  I cannot believe that I can say that out loud.  I guess admitting it is the first step to recovery of knowing that I have two teenagers in the house.

B2 turned 13 on Tuesday and I still cannot believe it.  My baby boy is a teenager.  Pretty soon he will be in college because time feels like it's flying by that fast.

See, now I'm in shock and don't know what else to type. 

I've been feeling out of sorts lately anyway.  I guess the puppy is messing with my mojo and I haven't gotten the kinks out yet.  If you know me then you know I have some anxiety/OCD issues and the Superdog is messing with them a bit.  She's absolutely the best pooch ever and I love her with all my heart but loving her has me out of my comfort zone and turned my schedule upside down.  I now have extra responsibilities.  Feeding, walking and cleaning up after something else in the house.

Know what I mean?

Superdog is such an amazing pup and  it will be okay because I know we will be in our groove in no time. 

Right now she is snuggled up to me asleep moving her mouth and tongue like she's nursing.  Awww, it's adorable.  She loves me unconditionally and just wants to be where I am.  Just like Baby M who is sitting on my other side playing a game with her head on my shoulder.  It's nice to be wanted and loved so much by my baby and by my pup.

Life is good.

Good bye Spring Break

I've enjoyed the past week of Spring Break a lot. I've not had to worry with school lunches, setting out clothes, taking kids to school, getting kids from school and a lot of other things that have to be done for school.

Then again I welcome school starting back up because that means Lil O and Baby M will not be able to bicker bicker all day with each other. Yeah, there is that. Sounds lovely and quiet.

I've been enjoying the weekend I suppose. I'm still coughing and not feeling well. I'm over being sick and having sick kids. OVER IT! *shrug*

Yesterday we celebrated Baby M's birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I worked really hard on making a small cake and some cake pops for the event. The cake pops were a hit with everyone. You can see how I made them by going HERE. I don't think I will ever make them again unless I can find an easier way. It's an all day thing because you have to chill them between steps and such. I'd just rather make a cake or cupcakes and just ice them.

Cake pops and small cake.

Making a wish.

Cake pops anyone?

Everyone had a fun time!!

Sophie is doing well. She is spoiled rotten by everyone in the house. She has us wrapped around her little paw!

This is me trying to nap today on the couch. 

She is such a good puppy.

Okay, must go do something productive and get kids to bed for school tomorrow.  *skip skip*

Happy Birthday Baby M

Today Baby M celebrates turning 3!  She's growing up so fast!  She is such an amazing little girl who surprises us on a daily basis at the things she's able to do.

Here are a couple of awesome pictures to celebrate this amazing birthday girl.

Mommy meets Baby M for the very first time.

Mommy meets baby.

Turning 1.

Baby M's First Birthday

Turning 2.

Happy Birthday Maddie ! ! !

Turning 3.

This is why I've not been able to blog.

Supermom does a video.

I hope I don't cough for this video. 

Sophie makes her appearance for the first time in a video. 

Spring break so Lil O is home tormenting Baby M.

Baby M turns 3 tomorrow!!!!!    I'm making her a single layer cake and some cake pops for her party Saturday! 

B2 turns 13 next week.  It's official I will have TWO teenagers in the house.  Man, I'm getting old.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing like the perfect homecoming!

Arriving at the airport from Duluth after dog sledding.

What's that saying?

"God doesn't give you more than you can handle."

Well, please can you give me a break just for a few days?  That's all I ask.

Yesterday was awful!!!!!  REALLY AWFUL!!!!! 

We'd all been out enjoying the beautiful day with the kids and Sophie.  We came in to have lunch so I was in the kitchen working on it.  I heard my teenage daughter say something but I couldn't understand it.  I thought that was odd because she is always talking and doesn't pass up any opportunity to talk so I started walking back through the house to see what she had said. 

I found her collapsed on her bed not responsive, her eyes were rolling back into her head and she was moving her arms really strange.  I ran down the hall screaming, "Call 911 Call 911!"  It was awful.  She couldn't answer me.  I thought she was having some sort of seizure.  I was panicked as we waited for the paramedics to get to our house. 

In the mean time she was coming to and sort of unsure of the whole situation.  *about this time we heard the sirens coming up our road*  She said she was feeling okay.  Apparently she started getting dizzy walking down the hallway heading to the bathroom, ended up "passing out" in the bathroom floor.  Woke up and was making her way to the bedroom.  Then I found her "passed out" on her bed.

They checked her blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure and everything was normal.  I told them about the same thing happening at Target two and a half years ago.  They seem to think it was a vertigo/fluid in her ears type thing.  They said they could take her to the ER but since she episode was over they'd have nothing to go on and they'd put her through a lot of tests that she's already had when she "passed out" at Target.

We opted for her to stay home and call her pediatrician.  But, she was due to leave for New Jersey the next morning so her daddy took her to the Urgent Care for them to look at her ears.  They didn't find any infection in her ears and there was only fluid in one of her ears.  They said that if it happens again in the next month or two then to take her to her regular doctor and perhaps be referred to a cardiologist. 

That's all we got.  She is feeling much better today and on her way to New Jersey for spring break. 

I did whisper to her yesterday, "This will be the last time there are eight men in your bedroom."

Fitting in with our pack.

Yesterday our new baby came home at nine weeks old.  I say baby as in our new puppy.  We started out on the three hour drive after taking some kids to school.  It was exciting for all of us. 

It was awesome finally meeting our little girl and her mommy.  I felt like crying but I stayed strong.  :)

Sophie the Yorkie Poo

We were worried about the three hour ride back home but as you can see, she did just fine!

Sophie the Yorkie Poo

They are already best friends.

Sophie the Yorkie Poo

Sophie is a Yorkie Poo and if you are interested in welcoming one to your family I can direct you to the awesome family that we got her from.

That's all I got.  Who has time to blog with a baby in the house?  *smile*

Seven hours and two minutes in hospital hell.

The other day we had to take Lil O to the emergency room at our local hospital because her fever had tapped out at 104.5 degrees.  She had been feeling yucky since Saturday and it only worsened with time.  The fever scared me because you could see and feel her heart beating out of her chest and since it was about 7 pm her doctor's office had closed, so we had no choice but go to the ER.

Let me just say that whatever system the hospital uses to accommodate everyone isn't working and they need another plan of action.  I will refrain from using all the foul words that were spoken and thought in our heads from the whole experience since this is a "family friendly" blog but just know that they were spoken and thought about a lot.

Once we got there at 7:20 pm we signed in and she was given a bracelet then they took her vitals and told us to take a seat to wait.  And we did, wait that is.  They tease you by calling you again to speak to another nurse who asks about whats going on and why you are there.  At this time Lil O was given a dose on Motrin to help with her fever.  Then we waited some more...

Then HOURS later we were called back thinking "YAY" but sadly it was another teaser.  They were checking to see if our information was correct and to see if we had insurance.  You know they must make sure they get paid. 

We waited close to four hours in the waiting area with our sick six year old daughter before we were even taken into a room to see a doc.  It was after 11pm because the TV in the waiting room was showing the news. 

Upon entering the room we told our story to yet another nurse then a doctor's PA came in to talk to us.  His holiness, the doctor, never graced us with his appearance the whole seven hours and two minutes we were there with our sick daughter.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the PA but she wasn't a doctor that I had hoped to see. 

They decided to do a rapid test for strep and a UTI.  Here's the interesting part.  They lost her urine and didn't think to tell us until two and a half HOURS later.  TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER.  By this time Lil O's fever was coming back and she felt really bad and was looking sick with her face red. 

We were just left there helpless and no one was telling us any information or really being sympathetic to the whole situation.

So, I had to get Lil O to give us another urine sample so someone could WALK it to the lab.  The results were given to us before an hour was up!  Seriously!!!   Why couldn't this have been done when they realized her urine was MIA in their tube system?? 

We were in the emergency room for seven hours and two minutes with our sick six year old only to be told it must be viral and they would call us if the cultures grew something.  There's no excuse for this, really.

We pulled into our garage after 2 am with our sick baby. 


Wordless Wednesday

Dealing with migraines.

It's something that I've had to deal with the past several years.  I've tried a different assortment of drugs including giving myself a shot.  *shrug*

I was relieved that after my hysterectomy I was headache free for a few weeks.  Looking back I'm sure it was because I was on pain meds from having the surgery. 

Then they came back...

with a vengeance.  Not fun at all.

I've had more headache days than headache free days.  It can be very crippling.  I keep our house dark by not opening blinds.  If I have to venture out I'm wearing super dark sunglasses because any light at all isn't my friend.

Yesterday, I went to see my favorite family doc of all time.  He's super smart and makes me laugh.  We talked and talked and then talked some more.  He started me on a beta blocker, two times a day, to ward off headaches then he changed my migraine meds if I do get one while taking the beta blocker.  The only thing I may not like is the "tiredness" that the beta blocker may bring.

Only time will tell if this works because it's a trial by error type thing with getting the right dosage of beta blocker.  I will up my dosage on Wednesday if I still don't feel an improvement.

I go back in three weeks and I hope to have good news with my migraines.

Do you deal with them?  How do you cope?