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 The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  I haven't seen the movie because I want to read the book first.  I've heard great things!


Brina said…
wow, we must have a similar taste in books - or so i think, seeing that you read shadow of the wind and now the time traveller's wife :)

i'd be interested to know what you think of either of these books, once you finished reading them anyway^^ btw. i'm a pretty regular irregular lurker via mrs. f!
Brina said…
of course i do forget to check the 'email follow-ups'-check box *duh* please respond to this comment, now that i remembered! :)
Supermom said…
Hi Brina!!!! What can I say, GMTA!!!

I'd love to talk about the books. I"m still reading The Time Travelers Wife at the moment.

I really miss Mrs F since she moved from my city back home.

Brina said…
okay, i can already say those two are somewhat of my all time favorites, so no negative talking allowed! NOT :)

i'm not sure how shadow of the wind feels/reads if you haven't been to barcelona yet (also one of my all time fav cities^^), but it sure made me brush up on my spanish civil war-knowledge! and please finish the time traveller's wife, so that we can decide together if we should see the movie or not... i keep circling it in the video store

i'm jealous of you having met mrs f., not jealous in a bad way, but jealous - she's one of my oldest online friends (not that she knows, but seriously, i think hers was the first blog i ever read regularly). we all should grab a virtual cup of coffee or tea together :D
Supermom said…
Morning Brina. :)

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife yesterday. I'm not sure my heart can take the movie!!! There were times I was sobbing!!!!


Yeah, I hate that she moved back north. She's a nice woman. I love her family too.

Virtual coffee sounds good!!! Do you Facebook? I'm on there a lot. *hanging head in shame*
Brina said…
wonderful good morning!

tell me about the sobbing - that's why i've only re-read the book once yet: it sure doesn't get any less! ;) i'm honestly not sure if the movie will work with the mental movie i've made to the book or not... still torn between watching and not-watching: hmm?!

i just sent you a friend request using the email address you have on the blog - tried searching via your blog title first, but couldn't find anything... if you rather had me use a different page, just let me know

take care for now ;)
Supermom said…
I think I found you on my Facebook. If not then I left someone else a message on their wall.

We need to discuss The Time Traveler's Wife.

Michelle :)