Sharing a bedroom with your children. Bedroom for four please.

I've blogged about this several times and have gotten lots of encouragement from people.  There have been a few disagree but I won't judge them.  *said with a smile*

I've always believed in sharing my bed with my babies from day 1!  They were carried in my warm belly listening to my heart so why would I stick them in a cold crib alone.  Yeah, I don't think so.

All four of my kids have shared my bed during their baby-ness.  Before you worry about having them in your bed until they are 24, they won't be, I promise.  H and B adjusted to their own room in their big bed with no problem.  When it came time for Lil O to move from our bed into her toddler bed it was still in our room pushed up next to our bed.

Baby M still sleeps with us.  It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Last weekend Lil O got a new big girl bed because she had outgrown her toddler bed.  When asked where she wanted her bed she said in our room.  We had no problem with that.  In fact she wanted it pushed up against our bed.  Guess where her bed is?

Right beside our bed just where it belongs.  I know that my babies will only be small for a short time so I want to enjoy every moment with them while I can.  

So, Supermom and Superdad love having a family bedroom.  We both will be sad when the girls move to their own room.

Thankfully we'll have the puppy in our bedroom....


diannaray said…
I'm with you- I love sleeping with my babies- I sleep better when they are near, I don't have to get up and walk across the house to check on them, when they are sick I can feel if their temp rises or if they need anything, I love the sound of their breathing and the comfort of having them near me. You're right, they don't stay forever, my 17 and 12 year old moved out when they were ready, my five year and 1 year old, now share a room, but my door is always open, whether they've had a bad dream, aren't feeling well or just need to snuggle for a night, I don't turn them away. I'm glad I'm not alone:)
Mom with a Dot said…
Hey SuperMom !!

I admire you already for all that SuperMommyish stuff you do and now, it brings me closer to you, coz you share my co-sleeping belief. Remember the ad in Wisconsin ? I was livid at that, and had to take it out somewhere. Here's how I took it out. Read it at leisure ....

Was going to add:

Read it at leisure,
There is no pressure,
But don't let it stay
Just for viewing pleasure

LOL ! You must be convinced I'm crazy :)
Supermom said…
Hey you! Thanks for the comment! Oh yes, I'm big on co-sleeping, breastfeeding and wearing your baby!

Some people just don't understand but *shrug* who cares.

Thanks again for stopping by! :) Are you on Facebook??? We must friend each other!