Meeting the parents: When your kids want a sleepover.

The time has come for my son, who is almost 13, to venture out into the big world of sleepovers.  He's had a few with families that we know from the neighborhood and scouts but not with a friend from school that we haven't met yet.  It's hard being a parent and trying to explain to your children that you just want them in a safe environment and you really aren't trying to make their life hell.

A sleepover came up a few ago, after my hysterectomy, and I said "No" because I didn't know the parents of my son's friend.  He was so mad at me for not letting him go over or the boy to come here.  I tried to explain to him that I wasn't just going to let him spend the night with strangers.  One day I hope he appreciates when he's a father himself.   YIKES, a scary thought!!  My son becoming a dad one day.  It's not scary because I don't think he'll be a good dad, it's just scary because I see him as my baby and the whole being a father one day scares me!!!

Anyway.....  let's move on before I get all depressed.

Last week there was a teacher work day and B2 wanted to invite his friend over and the mom so we could meet so a sleepover could be in their future.  I'm glad he "schemed" this because it was a lot of fun!

I was able to meet B2's friend and his mom.  They were great!  I enjoyed my visit!!!  They are good people and I knew that B2 would be in safe hands.  After their visit here B2 went to their house for dinner then they brought him back home. 

It all worked out.  Now, we know that B2 can go over and his friend can come over here anytime knowing that they will be in a safe place.

How do you handle sleepovers?  Is it different for boys verses girls?  At what age did you start having them?  Details people!  I want to hear!