I'm avoiding my favorite grocery store.

I'm avoiding my favorite grocery store of all time, I won't mention their name because they read the blog, because they have made a change.  *waving, hey guys*

The last time I went in with the babies my shopping trip was pure torture!!  T. O. R. T. U. R. E.  I know they did it to be all cute but please take them away!!!!!!

They added these little grocery carts for your kids to use to "help" shop.  More like knock over merchandise, run into people and bruise my ankles.  How am I supposed to shop my grocery list when I am constantly guarding not one BUT TWO carts?  More like guard everyone that is in a 5 foot radius of two moving kids and two moving carts. 

They added carts similar to this one.

The carts are green and have this long pole attached that waves up in the air that has a flag attached that reads something like, "Customer in Training".  I don't know exactly because I've blocked it out of my memory.

So, yesterday was grocery shopping day and I had BOTH babies with me.  I quickly revisited my last trip and said out load, "There's no way in hell I'm going there because of those carts!".

*hanging head*  So, I went to another grocery store so I could keep my sanity.  I go to the grocery store so I can STRAP them in the cart and not have to chase them around the whole store.  I don't go to the grocery store to be traumatized ending up in the fetal position wanting my mommy.

Pretty please, get rid of the carts!  Or at least hide them so my babies cannot see them upon entering your store.  I wonder if they have a "Suggestion Card" for that one.


Pet Co. has the same carts... and it's the ONE reason me and Sawyer don't go there together!
Monica said…
Ok Chell you know me I see the danger you don't!!! Those little carts can let kids get out of mom's site because she is trying hard to shop for the week. You look up for one second and O or M round a corner what if a stranger grabs them!

Seat belts in the shopping carts are not just to keep your child from falling out. I thing they are great to keep someone from easily grabbing one of the kids.

Moms need to be able to keep there kids in there eye site. These carts are a danger to these kids!