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I want the icing that's bad for you.

This year due to recovering from my hysterectomy I decided to order Lil O's birthday cake from Sam's.  *hanging head in shame*  Not only did I not make it I also didn't buy it locally!!  I'm such a bad mother!!!!!!  It's okay if you agree with me.  So, Lil O picked it out online on their site and I called to order it.  During the order she asked me what kind of icing that I wanted.

ha ha

My response, "I want the icing that's bad for you".  The sad thing is that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

I could feel my arteries clogging up over the phone.

Anyway, the par-tay was Saturday at a local fun place for kids, Fun Depot.  We had a wonderful time!  There were lots of kids running around with balloons all hyped up on sugar!!  A nice party indeed.

Lil O had a wonderful time!!!  We all did.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

She loves her brand new big girl bed!

Birthday Party


RedMelD said…
I ended up buying Pookie a store bought cake this year as well. We didn't even plan ahead. I just suddenly felt so guilty for it being past his birthday and my not feeling well enough to bake his cake I just loaded him up in the car and drove him to the local Food Lion (the only store that is local).

Good thing about kids...........cake is cake!!! ;-)

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