I love cupcakes!

Whew, wiping brow. I'm so exhausted I'm afraid I might start to drool all over myself. Plus, I'm coming off my sugar high! Today was Cupcakes for Cures at the Grove Park Inn. Not only did I enter cupcakes but I was also a judge in a category. Which basically meant I was able to eat a lot of cupcakes.

I thought I would do a picture show of how today went.  (Some of yesterday as well.)

I was able to use some friendship bread starter to make my cupcakes. 

The mixing of my cupcakes.

The baking of my cupcakes.

Cupcakes cooling.

My dishwasher is at it again.

My pretty cupcake.

Getting ready to head to the Grove Park Inn.

One of the judges table.

Grove Park Inn.

My cupcakes on the table.

It was a wonderful event and I'm so glad that I was able to be a part of this event!  I cannot wait to see how much was raised for the American Cancer Society.