I just want to tell the Supermom Book Club members that I am very sorry.

*hanging my head*

Sigh.....   where do I begin?

It all started out in Target one shopping day as I was browsing the books for a few selections for the book club.  I happened to see a book that had already been made into a movie and I'd heard some good things about that book.  I bought it.

I read it and even finished it last week.  It was the March pick.  The Time Traveler's Wife.

The book was very confusing at times that I even had to back track and start over a few times in different parts.  I really, really wanted to like this book!  Really, I did.

I finished the book feeling as if I'd missed the grand finale.  Like sex without an orgasm!  That type of feeling.  The book was a very emotional book that had me sobbing in places.  It mostly made me feel very sad without any part of the book actually making me very happy.  This book just left me confused.

Did I really want to see the movie?  Would the movie be better than the book?  I could only hope.  I'd made plans to watch the movie with my friend Greg after he was finished reading the book even though he had already seen the movie. 

While waiting, Superdad gets the movie for me.  Hmmmm.   Do I wait or do I watch it?  Maybe I can just see how it starts. I know Greg won't get upset with me.  Right, Greg?  Yeah, let me see how it starts. 

What's this movie rated anyway because **SPOILER ALERT**

in the book Henry and Clare are sex addicts?  It's all they seem to do.  There's that one time she even brings up all the sex they do have.   At least someone is getting an orgasm in the book.  ha ha  Not only was the book a total chaos of disappointment but the movie was much worse than the book. 

Don't even get me started on chain smoking Gomez who doesn't even smoke in the movie.  I had Gomez pegged as a dark skinny poet guy that hangs out in coffee houses but no, he was the guy from Office Space with a few extra pounds. 

Then there was no mention of the suicidal ex girlfriend of his, that he saw commit suicide, that has the lesbian girlfriend.  Weird.

What about the Asian woman Kimy that Henry grew up being around that was friends with the family??  Was she not important enough to make the cut?

Then there's his drug friend Ben who's dying of AIDS.  Nope, not even mentioned. 

No one even mentions the fact that their daughter Alba is a time traveler and does it naked.  Yeah, hard to time travel with clothes.  Wouldn't that freak them out??  Their daughter out there in the cold, naked unsure of what situation she could end up in. 

Not that any of this would have helped the movie because it totally sucked.

*hanging head in shame*

I don't even know where to begin.  I tried to convince Superdad that the book was much better than the movie but when you sit down, and I did, and think about it you know it's total shit.  You cannot find one good quality about this book except that it ends and the same with the movie.  I was thinking, "Man, I could have blogged, watched TV or even had sex."  Because it would have been way better than watching that movie.

Please, I beg you, don't go there.  If you are a fan of the book then leave it there.  Do not, I repeat, do not watch the movie. I promise, you will end up coming to the same conclusion I did.

The Time Traveler's Wife is better left off avoided at all costs.  I'm sparing you.

Long story short, I didn't like the book and the movie was much worse.  

For the first time ever, EVER, I'm going to give TWO THUMBS DOWN.

There you have it.


Jocelyn D. said…
I feel your pain. I really wanted to like the book too. At least you finished it. I had to put it down so i could recover from my depression. I too watched the movie and didn't feel any better watching either. I was really pissed. Damn depression back again! I did read Eat, Pray, Love and felt better. I refuse to watch the movie in fear that it may suck.
Supermom said…
Whew, wiping brow.
It's odd that I've heard some great things about the book and movie and I thought it was total sh&* ! ! !

My daughter has Eat, Pray, Love but I don't know that I want to read it. I've also heard great things about it too.

Hmmm..... ha ha

Thank you for being honest with me.