Cupcakes for Cures 2011

Today is the 2nd annual cupcake competition!!  I was so happy to participate last year and even more excited when I was asked again this year to enter a cupcake.  I was jumping on my couch, like Tom Cruise, when they asked if I'd be a judge in the youth category this year.  I was afraid I wouldn't feel like making cupcakes after my hysterectomy because I wasn't sure how I would feel while recovering.  I'm so glad I agreed because I feel awesome!!!! 

If you are anywhere near Asheville today then you must come to Cupcakes for Cures!!  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society!!!  A WIN WIN situation.  All the cupcakes you can eat while supporting an awesome cause!!!! 

The Asheville Cupcake Competition is a cupcake connoisseur's dream... a room filled with scrumptious culinary creations that all fit in the palm of your hand. Event tickets can be reserved for a $25 suggested donation. Bakers and kids do not need event tickets. Everyone with an event ticket will receive 10 cupcake coupons (1 coupon = mini cupcake and 2 coupons = regular cupcake). Don't worry, we'll have cupcake to-go boxes!

See you later alligators!  I'm off to ice my cupcakes!