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Bringing home baby.

Sort of.

Our puppy gets to come home next week at nine weeks old.

Taken today and sent to us.
Isn't she just beautiful?!?!?!? 

Today, I was restless so I twisted Superdad's arm to take me puppy shopping at a place near our house.  We came home with her a new bed, shampoo, brush, toys, collars, leashes and three sweaters. 

Superdad wasn't too keen on the sweaters so I picked out a pretty blue one for him.  She has a pink collar and leash along with a purple set and a green set. 

You just never know when you might need one. 

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Now, if we could just give her a name.  Do you know what that means???  It's survey time.

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