Ahhh, remember when girls wanted to be hookers?

Yesterday the teenage daughter watched Pretty Woman for the first time.  *I've seen it like a million times along with Dirty Dancing.*  I was in the kitchen working like a mad woman on a couple of reviews listening to the TV.  A few times I'd stop and peer into the living room at watch Vivian and Edward fall in love.  Sexy rich man and beautiful hooker having the fairy tale...

It was fun watching it again after all these years.

At then end of the movie I still cringe at the lamest line EVER!!!!

Edward has just climbed up the fire escape to rescue his hot hooker with the roses held in his mouth as he slides across the building since he's afraid of heights. Then Vivian says,

"She rescues him right back."

Really?  Couldn't they have come up with something better???  I have always hated that line!  It needed to be EPIC like,

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

EVERYONE remembers "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"!!!!!  Who remembers "She rescues him right back"??

I'm just sayin'.


Danielle Franklin said…
I LOVE those 2 movies, especially Dirty Dancing! Yea I agree, they could have worked on a better line