Wow, I cannot keep my eyes open.

Really, I cannot!!  I've been sleeping on and off all day today.  Me and the babies have been curled up on the couch (my bed) watching their cartoons most of the day.  I'm glad they don't feel well or I wouldn't have been able to have a day like this since I didn't have any helpers today.  Superdad did come home with lunch for all of us and then went back to work.

My sister is coming over this afternoon to help.  I hate to admit but I have a list for her.  She can enlist H & B to help!  Start laundry.  Vacuum.  Dust.  Take trash out.  Give babies a bath.  That's not tooo terribly bad.  H & B can help a lot with that list.  If she has time I need her to make a drug store run for me.

I just made a cup of coffee to help keep my eyes open.

I hope it helps because the babies are more animated now and jumping all over the house.

Isn't it illegal to duct tape them or is that only if you get caught?


RedMelD said…
Of course it's not illegal to duct tape them. That's why duct tape now comes in all those pretty colors! So that they can each be duct taped in their own favorite color.

Personally, I always wanted them to wear velcro suits. Then, I wanted one wall of the house to be covered in velcro. When they started being rambunctious, I would just pick 'em up and toss them on the wall.

You know, I've mentioned duct tape when blogging about my children before. I think it's pretty obvious we're sisters.
Supermom said…
Cool, I can keep them all in one place with their own favorite color of duct tape!

Yeah duct tape or super glue. Whatever works.

Well DUH!! We figured that out already!
RedMelD said…
I've been on FB way to long. I was looking for the "like" button on your reply comment!