What's that smell?

This week I noticed this funky scent wafting through the living room every now and then.  I went to sniffing the furniture, curtains and even the rugs in the area looking for something a kid may have spilled or even wiped something on.  You never know with kids what you may find.

I febrezed the whole area in hopes for some yucky scent relief.

Then the scent resurfaced!  In a toy!   Apparently, I can only assume, Baby M put a wet diaper in the toy bucket instead of throwing it away!  It was yucky just to be a pee diaper.  There's no telling how long the diaper had been in there.

I had to fumigate the toy bucket and throw some toys in the dishwasher for more fumigation.

I guess the lesson to learn is to never give a wet diaper to your baby and expect them to really throw it in the trash.


Monica said…
lol I was hungery...over it..