Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions from Supermom

A lot of people dread this special day all about love.  Will he remember it's Valentines?  Should I remind him?  What if he doesn't get me a gift?  Notice I'm saying HE because a woman always remembers Valentine's Day.  It's like a wedding anniversary, we never forget those dates.

I thought I would make it easy for the guys that read this blog and the women....just leave this screen up or print it out and put it where he will see it.  You can thank me later for thinking about you and hoping you have an awesome Valentine's Day.  Let me say that it's not about how much money you spend but the thought and time you put into your gift.  A woman will know if you ran to the drug store right before heading to her house with your gift.  So put some thought into it and take some time to shop for your Valentine.

* Valentine's Card

DO NOT FORGET THE VALENTINE'S CARD!  I REPEAT, DO NOT FORGET THE VALENTINE'S DAY CARD!!!  No, you cannot just send her an ecard!  This is where you need to take some extra time and pick out the perfect card for your Valentine.

* Flowers

We love getting flowers even if they are a waste of money.  Sometimes you just have to buy flowers!!!  


Chocolate is always good but it always doesn't have to be chocolate.  What about her favorite jelly beans or favorite gummy bears?   If she doesn't like candy then how about a fruit basket of a huge cookie or one of those cookie bouquets?  

* Dinner

It doesn't have to be an expensive fancy restaurant but please don't take her to a fast food place for a burger.  Take out can even be fun!!!!  Set the table and enjoy your fave food at home.  Light some candles and watch your fave movie while snuggling on the couch.  Yes, it needs to be a chick flick.  

* Jewelry

Jewelry is fun!!!  It can be real or costume.  You don't have to break the bank for jewelry.  Keep in mind that sterling silver has come a long way and you can find some awesome pieces!  Great for a budget.  Or go to a local boutique and buy a piece that was made locally.  To me that is an awesome gift.

* Lingerie

Lingerie is a fun gift if it's not the only gift.  Men should know that they will already be getting lucky on Valentine's Day unless they totally screw something up.  So go buy her something lacy and enjoy!  I wouldn't let the lingerie be the first gift you give her, work up to it!  Trust me you will thank me for that tip.

* Balloons

Why not??   Balloons are a fun gift!!!!  

* Poetry Books

Superdad has given me some great poetry books for Valentine's Day.  We are HUGE readers in this house so books are welcomed at any time.

UGH, I hate to add this next one because I don't like getting them.  It's just my personal preference though because some may love it.

* Stuffed Animals

If you want buy her that bright red teddy bear holding a heart then go for it.  

There you have it, a few ideas for Valentine's Day.  If I've forgotten to add something then just comment below.

I'm not being paid to type this up and will not be posting brands just ideas.  *smile*


Anonymous said…
A couple years ago my wife bought me a GPS for valentines day, not conventional but a great gift lol
Supermom said…
COOL!! I love those things!!!!!