Two Vlogs in one week. *smile* You're worth it!

TGIF!!!! It's been a long week.

This recovery is draining all my energy I have!!! The kids have school tomorrow since they missed two days this week. Poor Superdad cannot sleep late tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me entertain you with all my posts and pictures. It has given me something to do.

Baby M & Lil O make a special appearance in this vlog. I'm laughing because thankfully you cannot see Baby M's nose running due to her cold.

I wish I could get Baby M to tell you a knock knock joke! She's our stand up comedian.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom and Supermom Reviews.

Be sure to buy your sweetie a Valentine because it's three days away!!!! Valentine's Day is very special to us for some strange reason. Impress us. :)

See you later alligator.

PS.  I think I look like a total BABE in this video!!