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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

Trying to feel normal again after a hysterectomy.

With today being a snow day that meant there were four kids needing my attention.  It was a bit harder on me than the past few days because I spent more time on my feet than I have been.  You'd think I'd be in bed by now but I am not.  Maybe after I type this blog post.

Today to treat myself I took a bath and washed my hair.  I gave myself a manicure and pedicure.  Tomorrow I'm going to try and paint my nails if I am able to.  If not then Superdad volunteered to paint them for me.

I also plucked my eyebrows!

I almost feel like myself.  Almost.

Or maybe the pain medication is finally kicking in.


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diannaray said…
Recovery sometimes can be an up and down process- no hysterectomy for me yet- but I've had a tubal pregnancy that burst, causing internal damage and of course the loss of the little one- and there was surgery required of course- *that is when I found out that I had endo too* but with the staples and the loss i felt it took time to heal physically and mentally- and I'm not a lay about kind of person so it was very hard for me. I felt as if I couldn't control my body or my mind and emotions for a bit- give yourself some time to adjust to the new reality, and remember that healing goes faster if you can make yourself take it easy on yourself, lol...easier said than done I know!! no worries, you'll be feeling more like yourself sooner than you expect I'd imagine:)
diannaray said…
*oh and don't you hate it when you can finally have a legitimate excuse to rest and then you feel like there's a million things you simply MUST DO, when just not that long ago you were PINING for a nap??? lol, so funny how we long for something and then when we get it we find it more curse than blessing~ sorry just a sidenote, lol, and the whole daydreaming of a nap thing could just be me, maybe....naaaah, no way, I KNOW other moms must long for a nap too...

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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

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