Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to entertain you yesterday with my boredom while I posted random pictures and then made you comment on one blog post.

I woke up couple hours ago in pain so I got up and moved to the couch.  That's where I am right now with my heating pad watching reruns of Cheers.  I guess you already knew that though.


Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I hurt more than before.  I guess I walked around too much on Sunday.  I'll try to limit my bathroom breaks from now on.  Another thing.  I'm trying to learn not to suck in my gut.  I've always been one to just suck it in at all times.  It bothers me now after my hysterectomy since I'm still healing.  I find my self all tensed up and my gut sucked in then I release those muscles and try to breath deep.  Then a few minutes will have passed and I will have my belly sucked in again.  It's just a habit and it's hard to break.  It does make me look amazing though.  Do you do that too, suck in your belly?

Might I add that taking it easy is hard word!!  Who would have thought??  Laying around on the couch all day watching crap TV or cartoons having people wait on you hand and foot....