Supermom is home resting.

My hysterectomy is over.

I'm home resting while my family and friends take care of me.

I even signed the dry erase board in my hospital room for a picture before I left. 


Mrs Furious said…
Rest up! We're thinking of you. With the Duluth trip posting I didn't realize this had come up already. Take care... and STAY IN BED!

The Furious Fam
TJ said…
Let your family take care of you! You've earned the time off. Eat chocolate, take good drugs, and watch some crap TV.
Supermom said…
Mrs F ~ Thank you!! I miss you BTW!!! I'm trying to stay in bed but you know me.

Give the girls a *hug* from me.

TJ ~ I just had some chocolate and drugs!!!!! I'm also watching Golden Girls so does that count for crap TV?
diannaray said…
You should watch some Lifetime (all chick flicks all the time!) or Clean House- I'm such a clean house addict but rarely actually get the time to watch a full show. Good drugs, good food and comfy blankets....that's your prescription- take care!
Supermom said…
Thank you !!