The Supermom family is thinking about adding a pet to our family.

Let me say that I sort of, in a way, might have promised the kids we'd get a puppy this Spring/Summer.  They've been wanting one for several years and we've toyed with the idea several times.  Nothing ever happened though.  But now I'm really set on bringing home an adorable doggie to live with our family so we can spoil him rotten.

We all know I had a Yorkie obsession and really wanted one.  I've even looked at a few rescue pups but they wouldn't have fit in with the kids.  Then I had a friend suggest I look into Yorkie Poos because they would be a bigger dog and I wouldn't have to worry as much with Baby M.  Brilliant idea!!!!!   The Yorkie Poo breed is ADORABLE!

I've been doing all my research and found a breeder about three hours from our house and her dog just had a LITTER of puppies!!!!!!  There is an available male Yorkie Poo!!!

It's been exciting to think about expanding our family with everything that has been going on in the house.  It has given me something to think about since I've been stuck on my couch for 12 days.

So, we will see how this plays out.  I'm waiting for Superdad to decide if we can get him.  If we can then in 10 weeks we will have a new member in our family.

I'm excited about this.  *smile*


RedMelD said…
Hubby had a dog when he and I got together. She (April) had been spoiled rotten by him since she was a new pup. When we married and I moved in with dog allergic children, April (half lab and half german shepard) had to go live outside. Although she loved me prior to this, afterward she decided that she isn't going to treat me well. Though she gets excited to see me and will run up to me happily, she now refuses to do anything I say. *sigh....I thought of biting her on the ear like in snow dogs! ;-)
TJ said…
Super Poo
TJ said…
Russell. I went to high school with a guy named Russell but everyone called him Super Dog. So, there you have it, his alias could be Russell.
Supermom said…
HA HA Sis!!! You should do that!

TJ ~ Superdad gets to name the dog.

No telling how that will work out.