She's not my daughter.

We all know that I LOVE nothing more than a delicious peanut butter cup.  Everyone knows this about me.  Remember that enormous stash that Monica gave me for Christmas?

My mouth just waters when I see that picture then I remember I still have a super secret stash in the freezer.  MMM.

This is why I have doubts about Baby M being my daughter because she doesn't like peanut butter cups.  See the dilemma?  How could that be?  Not liking chocolate and peanut butter together?  *gasp*  I just don't understand.  It's like I'm hearing a foreign language.

There's no way she is my daughter.

*shaking head*  Oh, well.  More peanut butter cups for me.


TJ said…
Sorry, but I have to agree with Baby M on this one. Yuck. I have issues with peanut butter. I can only tolerate it on bread with jelly. Not even a big fan of the smell of peanut butter. Now, give me a Heath Bar and we're in business.......
Supermom said…
Hmm, we may have to rethink this friendship! LOL

Did you get your scarf???