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Robert Pattinson versus Edward Cullen

I was just sitting here on the couch trying to catch up on some blog work and wanted some background noise.  It helps me concentrate and since ALL FOUR kids are in bed I turned on the tube and started watching Twilight *clearing throat* again.

I feel like such a perv as I drool all over this 24 year old boy.  I mean he's closer to my teenagers age than mine!!!!  Then I think well, he is a vampire and frozen in time and technically older than me and we all know I love an older man.  Then I feel better about it.  I can just drool over the fictional character Edward and not the real Robert Pattinson.

What fictional character do you drool over??


TJ said…
Back off!
Anonymous said…
what is better, yahoo or google [url=]google[/url]
Supermom said…
Ha Ha Twilight Junkie!!!

You should be thanking me for getting you hooked!

Jennifer said…
Never could get the Edward/Jacob hype. But there are three characters that I love, love, love:

Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp as the gypsy in Chocolat, and the guy who plays the Arab nomad in The Mummy movies.
TheRugbymom said…
Oh hunny! That's NORMAL. What you need is a little support. Please come over to

and let yourself fall down the rabbit hole. It will change. your. life.
TJ said…
My new obsession is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0!
Mama Raye said…
My only obsession is Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
Papa Raye said…
I love the ALMIGHTY, too.
Anonymous said…
I have a thing for my local Sheriff.
Supermom said…
Jennifer ~ Yummy! I've loved Johnny since 21 Jump Street.

RugbyMom ~ I did ! I did ! I'm now following! It's nice to be in familiar territory.

I had to Google him TJ, I've never seen him before...I don't think.
diannaray said…
Well I'm certainly guilty of the twilight madness, lol...but I know what you're saying, I see these boys and think OMG I could LITERALLY be their mother!! lol...
Johnny Depp is hot, but one of my favs is Matthew McCaughnehy- ..I can't spell his name, but I'd know him if I saw him from 10 miles away, lol....
Honestly when I first saw Pattinson in the Edward role I thought they could have picked someone better looking, he kind of grew on me as we watched, lol and watched and watched....

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