Recovering from a hysterectomy.

Recovering from a hysterectomy is harder than one would think.  Since I had a vaginal hysterectomy there are no outside wounds.  No bandages to change.  No stitches to touch or count.  No outside evidence that I just had a major surgery.

I'm very weak and very sore on the inside and my back is killing me.

It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I've had surgery even though there is no proof on the outside of my body.


So, I sit here on the couch.  Today will be day six.  Day six.  Only 24 more days to go.  Twenty four days of nothingness.  Just sitting on the couch or sitting on the bed.  To make things exciting I may even sit on a dining room chair.  I know I will be sitting on the potty.  *smile*

If you had twenty four days on nothingness, what would you do?


Wendy said…
Although it sounds nice, I'd actually probably go crazy. I know I'd read a lot - have a long list of books on my to read list. Hang in there.
HERS Foundation said…
Like you said, hysterectomy is major surgery. Even though there are no external incisions, there was extensive cutting of tissue, muscle, ligaments, blood supply and nerves. Hopefully your back pain will diminish and go away, but back and hip pain are two of the most common chronic problems caused by hysterectomy.

If you wonder whether what you are experiencing is common, or if it is rare, you can read what percentage of women report things such as back ache at

This is a time it's important to take it easy and let all of the internal cutting and suturing heal. It's important to get rest, not to lift anything more than a couple of pounds, and to eat well. If constipation becomes a problem you can email HERS at or call to discuss how to manage it with a counselor at HERS at 610.667.7757.
Supermom said…
Thank you Wendy.

I'm trying to take it easy.