Myra, this one's for you.

I'm feeling better today because of some words of encouragement last night and I want to blog about it.  I've been having a rough couple of days because I just have been so weak that I've just wanted to cry from fatigue.  I get out of breath walking to the bathroom from the couch and it gets OLD!!!!!

Then I get a text from Myra asking me how I am.  I tell her I'm feeling rough and I just want to cry that I am so weak.

Then she tells me this,

"You are a strong woman and you will get through this."

OMGooness!!  Those words touched my heart and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I kept telling myself, "I AM a strong woman and I WILL get through this rough spot."

I just wish I could tell Myra how those words have changed my outlook on recovering from my hysterectomy.  All I can do it tell her thank you and then, of course, blog about her.

So, right now I may not be able to tackle the dirty clothes pile, also known as Mount Everest.   I may not be able to pick all the toys and it does look like Toys R Us threw up in the play area and living room.  I may not be able to wash dishes but I don't have to because Superdad has been keeping it clean for me.  I may not be able to cook dinner for my family but I don't have to.  I have my family and my friends bringing over food for us.  Their generosity the past few weeks is something I may not be able to pay back but they don't care.  They love me and they are happy to be helping me during this time.

SO, yes I AM A STRONG WOMAN AND I WILL GET THROUGH THIS because I have wonderful friends like Myra who change my outlook with a few kind words.

Thank you everyone!  I couldn't be doing this without you.

Who's Myra?  Myra is my oldest friend from elementary school.  We were best friends all through school.  We were there for each other during difficult times and extremely happy times.  After high school there was some "bad" times.   Mostly my fault I'm sure.  I"ll take whatever blame comes my way to just know I have my friend back after all this time.

I want Myra to get to know me as the wonderful woman that I am and not the stupid girl from high school.  That's why I've blocked out those years.  Anyway, here's to old friends and new friendships as adults.


Monica said…
Remember how many times I told you I hated having to get thirsty and drink something because that would mean I would have to go to the bathroom. The walk would just tire me for hours.

I'm glad you have Myra in your life again. We can never have enough true friends.