The making of a Friendship Bread starter.

Hear what inspired me.

I tell you what recipe I use.  Remember you cannot use metal in any of this process or you will ruin your starter.  You can use plastic, ceramic and glass.

For more information on Friendship Bread in Asheville just click here for the Facebook page.


Monica said…
You know I'm scared to death of this
Monica said…
What if it blows up? is that a sign? Ha Ha Or goes flat? Turns colors? Tasts I'll say no
Elaine Beard said…
My Name is Elaine,I live in Australia.Have read frienship bread,loved it.BUT,have tried to make a starter twice.Has not worked.I have followed all the instructions etc,no metal.Any ideas to help me?
Supermom said…
Hmmm Elaine. How about making sure it's in a warm place. I know that mine love it when they are warm, my ziploc bags that is. They will puff right up.

Let me know how it goes.