Let the itching begin!

All I can say is, "You didn't tell me I had to get a haircut."  Those were the exact words I spoke to my doctor before being wheeled into surgery.

I was a bit upset to lose my bush because I'm very proud of it!!!  I even have a "Save the Bush" campaign!!!!!  UGH!!!!!!  One minute it was there and in two swift motions of an electric razor it was gone.  Just like that....

All that's left is the crying itching.  Cruel I tell ya!  Cruel.



Anonymous said…
Use some cornstarch as powder to help you get by and for goodness sakes don't be scratching your crotch... unless your sitting on the couch with the remote in your other hand and watching the football game or some other kinda sports..then and only then you can pass yourself off for your husband!Well that's my experience anyways, LOL!
Supermom said…

But it feels so good to scratch!!