Learning about myself.

It's interesting the things you learn about yourself while you are being forced to relax.  I thought I had wrapped my brain around doing NOTHING for several weeks.  I guess I was wrong.

I'm not physically able to do anything which is good because my body is making me sit on the couch or lay in my bed and rest.  My days and nights are mixed up.  Last night I dozed on and off while on my couch with my heating pad while watching Golden Girls and more Who's the Boss.

I see things around me that I want to do but I'm not able to do them.  Simple things like pick up the toys, start some laundry (I cannot go up and down stairs and since my washer and dryer are downstairs I cannot even think about it.) dust or even tidy up the kitchen.

Patience grasshopper....

Today I'm going to shower and wash my hair which will take all of my energy.  You will likely find me on the couch drooling all over myself.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Monica said…
I know its harder on you mentally than physically because you think in you mind you can do something then when just trying stand up your energy leaves.

I use to try not to drink much to keep from having to walk all the way to the bathroom. I kept snacks and a hugh drink by my side because I live alone and if I wanted something I had to get up and get it. The same with my medicine.

I still keep water,crackers and meds by my bed for when I wake up I'm hurting and need to get them in my system.

This is the time I feared would come when your family would have to take over your house. I know its driving you nuts because its not the way you wanted it.
Kimberly said…
That kind of patience is hard for me to come by...when there's something that needs to be done, I feel like I need to do it.

Hang in there.