Late night TV isn't good for your self esteem.

I've noticed that late night TV isn't good for your self esteem.  It's all about pants that make you look thinner, lotion to get rid of your fine lines and bras that lift your boobs.

So there I was sitting with my hand in a bag of Doritos licking my fingers when the TV is telling me I should be concerned with looking good in these pants that are made to be comfy like pajama pants.  Have you seen that infomercial?  Pretty lame if you ask me.  *shrug*  Hell, if I want to be comfy I will just wear my pajama pants and not hoochy mama skin tight pants even if they claim to be as comfy as pajama pants.  I'm just sayin'.

I won't get started on all the facial creams that are advertised to make you look younger.  We all age, it's life.  There is no miracle cream that will stop the signs of aging.  If there was one everyone would be using it.  Instead there are 100's of lotions you can buy that boast their ability to make your skin look younger and feel younger.  If I want to look younger then I will just find a good plastic surgeon in about 30 years.  There's no shame in a little nip there and a little tuck there.  *smile*

I guess I will go find something entertaining to watch on TV besides Bubble Guppies.  You know since I'm banned to only sitting on the couch.....