I shouldn't have done that. Now I know.

This morning I thought I would put on clothes, as in yoga pants and a long sleeve tee.  Which really isn't that much different than the pajamas I have been wearing.  But none the less...

So anyway, I'm working on a drug store list for Superdad of things I've run out of and such.  Then he suggests that I go to get out of the house since I've not been anywhere since my surgery.

I'm thinking, "Why not, I do have on clothes today."

I did okay on the drive and even did fine walking through the drug store to get a few things.  Then waiting in line to check out I became extremely exhausted.  The cashier forgot my coupon so she had to call a manager to give me a refund.  I would have just walked out leaving the coupon behind it but it was a $7.00 coupon and I wanted it taken off my bill.

I came home all shaky and didn't feel well at all.

I guess it wasn't a good idea to go out 11 days after surgery.

Lesson learned...the hard way.


RedMelD said…
Yep, we were destined to meet. Twins in more ways then one!!! ;-)
Supermom said…
When are you coming this way so we can be reunited?
Monica said…
You sound so weak today...:(