Don't be jealous....

When I woke up from my hysterectomy I was sporting a lovely pair of "Hospital's Secret" undies.

Hospital's Secret

Yeah, I had to get them off as soon as humanly possible without bringing attention to myself and most importantly to my butt. 

The last thing I wanted was a nurse helping me change my panties after having a whole surgery team staring at my vagina for the vaginal hysterectomy.  Know what I mean?

A girls got to have some privacy.

So after getting up a dozen times to go to the bathroom I thought I would make the switcheroo since I was up and there wasn't a nurse in sight.  

TA DA!!!!  

Sorry if you wanted a pair of the above panties because I already threw them in the trash.  YUCK!!  I don't want them floating around the house to find a couple years from now and have awful flashbacks of people staring at my vagina.  


Anna said…
Mesh panties are hot!
Kimberly said…
I recently saw a blog post about designer hospital gowns. I was intrigued, but I think the real money to be had in this niche market would be some "sexy hospital undies"